Happy Healthy Families Asks: Got Mommy Brain?

Got mommy brain? 

Not sure?

Have you forgotten where your keys are at least once this week?
Have you found yourself standing in front of a shopping cart trying to remember what you wanted to buy?
Have you walked past an overdue library book sitting on your table, and still forget to take it back to the library? (or worse yet....keep thinking you had?)
Do you stare blankly at your hubby and wonder who and where he came from???And why he has kids with him? (okay....just kidding here!)

But seriously, mommy brain is as sure a side effect of having kids as is a waist that refuses to fit into skinny jeans anymore.

I have no words of wisdom to get you back in your skinny jeans...but I do have some tidbits to share that may help improve your mommy brain situation.

There are foods we can eat that may help with memory. So take a peek and make a mental note (yes,pun intended) to add these to your diet:

Curry: Contains turmeric, which according to studies melts plaque build up in the brain.

Olive Oil: An excellent source of monounsaturated fat, which instantly promotes faster, easier blood flow to the brain.

Spinach: In lab studies, animals fed spinach improved their learning ability immediately.

Blueberries: Studies have shown that people who eat blueberries improve their test scores by 20%.

Brown Rice: Boosts the heart's ability to pump extra blood to the brain.

Peanuts and Tofu: Both are rich in choline, which our bodies need to make a key neurotransmitter that boosts memory.

Now all we have to do is remember to eat these things.  Better write them down. Better yet, draw pictures and stick on refrigerator door.  Read more about healthy brain foods.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.