The Newest Trend For Brides-To-Be?

What goes with "Something Old and Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue"   How about " And Something  For the Pee and Poo?"

"Bridal Diapers. No Bride Should Walk Down an Aisle Without One!"

The latest trend for Brides-to-Be is "Bridal Diapers." What?? You have not heard of these things yet? Let me explain:

Enterprising bridal shops are now selling "Bridal Diapers." (Which are probably just a version of Depends with a much higher priced tag.) The wedding people explain this newest "must have " for brides something like this:
When a bride is putting on her wedding gown and the urge know...hits, what is said bride to do? Try to scurry out of that intricate multi-layered gown with it's lace and buttons? That can be dangerous to both the wedding dress and the bride's scheduled walk down the aisle because of the time needed to get in the dress, out of the dress, and back into the dress (plus can you imagine a poor bride walking down the aisle with a beautiful veil, flowers and uh, toilet paper stuck to her high heels?)

But seriously, would a bride really want to walk down the aisle in a wet diaper? Or dance at the wedding reception with a squishy Depends sagging?

Brides-to-Be: please, do not try this at your wedding. Opt for a trip to the bathroom. The guests will wait the extra 5 minutes, trust me.

Just be sure to check the heels of your shoes. And maybe the back of your dress for any 'paper trails' before heading down that aisle.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.