My Saturday Slump

So I have fallen into a slump today. A Saturday slump. I do not feel like working. I do not feel like playing. I feel like zoning out and staring at the TV while munching on junk food. I am not sure why I am feeling like this, and I don't particularly like it....but can't shake it either.

Maybe it is just burn-out from a busy week and stress. My son started fist grade this past week (that could cause stress and strife, right?) and my daughter will be starting 8th grade in two weeks at a new school. There is much to do still to get her, uniforms, orientation, etc.... so that is another source of stress. And my little guy is feeling sad, left-out and bored with his big brother now gone all day at school. More stress.

So I guess I need to regroup, re-organize and re-prioritize. Because as tough as this beginning part of back to school has been, I know it is nothing compared to what is coming. Homework assignments, projects, field trips, complaining and begging (from me, not the kids) for help from the hubbs with everything, carpool, lunches, .......ack.....

Where is my junk food and tv control???? I am going under the blankets. See you Monday. Maybe.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.