The Shred Sled Review

My 13 year old daughter is very busy these days...and it has nothing to do with Twilight, boys or clothes! Nope, she has a new fascination lately with the Shred Sled. The day that this bad boy version of a skateboard showed up on our doorstep, she was hooked. Apparently she was already familiar with the Shred Sled, as she cautioned me that it was "very difficult to use and one of the hottest things out there" and :how on earth did I get one of these to review?"

So after picking my ego up from the floor I attempted to  explain to my daughter that yes, there are some people out there that think I am worthy enough of such an important task as this one. But by then the box had been  torn opened and the Shred Sled removed (no assembly of any kind..bonus points in my book!) and my daughter had immediately jumped on.

Well, to be honest here, she also promptly fell right off. But that did not stop her --she was right back on and stayed on this time (with the help of our friendly walls to guide and support her, hehe.)  I will say right here that the very best way to get accustomed to balancing on this board is to make sure you have ample soft carpeting beneath you! Once my daughter got the balancing part of it down, she started being able to let go of the walls and 'sled' around the house.

The Shred Sled® is a 4-wheel inline, dual-deck caster board. Riding The Shred Sled® combines the experience of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing into a new sport based on two decks, connected by a flexible middle component, that revolve around horizontal and vertical axes. All components of The Shred Sled® have been greatly improved from older 2-wheel models including four 80mm polyurethane wheels, aluminum casters, ABEC-5 bearings and concave decks for better foot control.

It is a combination of surfing moves with sledding moves and requires a lack of fear (which is why you will never see me on this board!) and lots of coordination and balance. And while my daughter truly enjoys pushing herself every day to stay on longer, go farther and faster (eeks) I would recommend this for true lovers of  skateboards and kids over 8 (at the least.) And always insist the kiddos wear their safety gear!

While my two munchkin boys have mostly admired this latest addition to our family from a distance, my six year old has played around some on the living room carpet with it, and I have no doubt that pretty soon he will be giving his big sister some serious competition! (We may need to get another one.)

The Shred Sled retails for $79.99 on the website, where you can also watch videos on how to use it, great tricks to do with it , and more. You can also find it at retail stores like Target and Toys R Us.

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Disclosure: We were provided a complimentary Shred Sled to review and post our thoughts on thanks to Team Mom and Shred Sled. All opinions expressed here are our own and may not reflect those of others.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.