Holiday Gift Guide: Moon Dough

Moon Dough is along the same lines as PlayDoh but comes in a much different consistency. It is light and has somewhat of a cotton candy feel almost. My kids received the Moon Dough set with a Barnyard playset.

The instructions to assemble the barnyard were easy (my six-year-old son pretty much put it together by himself.) The Moon Dough came in several packages and we were instructed to knead the dough for a bit before using.

The kids had a blast filling the molds and making their farmhouse setting come alive with animals, hay and even fencing, Clean-up was pretty easy, though the moon dough can crumble a little easy and pieces may fall about. But honestly, I have to admit I was thrilled to find out that, as the packaging indicates, this stuff does not dry out!

So while I may have been picking pieces of moon dough up from my carpet, I can happily report that it did not stick to the carpet! That has always been one of my pet peeves with playdoh. I always find that stuck stubbornly to my carpets and completely dried out and not much use anymore. Once I picked up any loose pieces, they were easily squished back into the balls of moon dough the kids were playing with and used over and over again.

Moon Dough sets are for ages 2-4, but as I mentioned before, my six-year-old son had a blast with this toy along with his little brother.

Moon Dough comes in eight colors, blue, white, green, orange, purple, pink, red and yellow. You can buy it at Target, Toys R Us, Amazon and several other retailers. There are also other sets beside the barnyard available, such as the Magic Molding Doghouse and The Moon Dough Pizza Set. 

Most sets are less than $20, with some sets being around $9.99. Moon Dough does not dry out, is hypoallergenic and wheat-free!

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All opinions expressed here are those of Happy Healthy Families, and no compensation was received for this review. We received a Moon Dough Set to review as part of Team Mom.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.