Holiday Gift Guide: HEXBUG Nano

This is going to be one of the hottest toys this Christmas, I think. HEXBUG Nano are tiny robotic bugs that flip, race and buzz around. They come in very cool test tube packages, which can easily fit into pockets and backpacks. There are many different sets that be easily put together for the Nano bugs to travel about. Kids can use their imaginations to create endless varieties of mazes.

My boys were delighted when we found out we were going to have the opportunity to host a HEXBUG Nano Party. We received enough bugs, tracks and sets to make for a group of very happy, very noisy and very creative little boys to have a fantastic time! Judging by the smiles on their faces, and the way the HEXBUG Nano playsets kept the boys entertained, I really think they will make a popular gift this year.

Each Nano bug has 12 legs and vibrates to move itself across the floor. If it tips over, it picks itself right back up and carries on. If something comes in its way... it changes direction and keeps going. Pretty amazing actually.

While we received the original Nano bugs, there are several more variations available: the HEXBUG Inchworm, the HEXBUG Crab, the HEXBUG Original, and the HEXBUG Ant:

The Hexbug Inchworm

The Crab

The Original


On the HEXBUG website parents and kids can read and learn more about the robotic nature of this toy, and the science behind it. All Hexbugs come with a special code which you can enter online. Kids can learn about science and famous scientists, and play games in addition to registering your Nano and keeping track of your collection. As far as mixing fun and education, I think the creators did a great job! My six year old is especially impressed with these little bugs, and maybe he will be inspired later down the line to get into engineering (you just never know, right?)

 The HEXBUG Nanos are availabe at retailers such as Toys 'R Us and Target. They will make awesome stocking stuffers at about $7.99 each, and of course a Habitat for the Nanos will make a super gift for boys and girls!

Happy Healthy Families gives this toy two thumbs up!

We received a complimentary HEXBUG Nano party package to facilitate our review through Mom Select. All opinions expressed here are my own and my boys, and no compensation was received for doing this review.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.