Filtrete Water Pitcher Blog Tour

I was recently given the opportunity to review the new Filtrete Water Pitcher from 3M. To say I was incredibly excited would be an understatement, because I admittedly am one of those shoppers that does buy water bottles at the store...over and over again. Yes, I know they are a waste of money. Yes, I certainly feel guilty knowing that those plastic little bottles are bad for the environment. But still, I would buy them as I simply could not stand the taste of our sink water.

The Filtrete Water Pitcher has  changed how we drink water in our household, and best of all, has made us all start to drink much more water....even our kids!

The pitcher is fun all by itself (I love new kitchen things.... I am like a kid getting a new toy when some new clean pretty kitchen gadget comes along!) It is sleek but holds more filtered water and takes up less space in my refrigerator than a bunch of water bottles. I really am impressed with the pitcher itself!

But of course, the very best part is the awesome filter. It is simple to use. You just hold the filter under water for a couple of minutes to rinse a gallon of water through it. Then you activate the filter by pushing down the 'button' in the middle of the filter. Then you watch as the pitcher fills up with clean filtered water--btw, it filters water 5 times faster than traditional pitcher filters. Then you pour yourself glass of clean fresh filtered water and enjoy!

I love the water pitcher...and completely recommend it to anyone still buying water bottles at the store. I am tickled when I walk past the water bottle aisle and realize I am saving some money (and being green at the same time!!)

Filtrete also has set up a cool website, Clear Advantages, with tips and ideas and such for parents. You can register there to receive seasonal e-newsletters featuring money-saving offers, filter change reminders, better home living tips and more. You can also follow Filtrete Water Filtration Products on Twitter and their brand on Facebook.

Happy filtering!

 “I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Filtrete and received the water pitcher to facilitate my candid review.”

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.