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Dermagist is a skin care product line that contains ingredients aimed at improving skin, fighting wrinkles, sagging and other effects of aging. I found the information on the website interesting, and I am hopeful that maybe at last I have come across some skin care products that will really do what they say--help my skin look it's best even though I am far from being a 'spring chicken' anymore.

One of the ingredients, Matrixyl, has been shown to significantly reduce deep and moderate wrinkles. That would be awesome, as I am noticing more wrinkles trying to make their claim on my face everyday (at least it feels that way every time I look in the mirror!) There is also an ingredient, Renovage, that fights the effects of aging at the cellular level--woot! Now this has definitely caught my attention. Renovage helps maintain the lifespan of cells and increases cell function which helps keep skin younger longer. Sounds good to me.

As I read more about Dermagist, the more I am encouraged. I am tired of trying the latest new skin care products at the drug store...and I really want to protect my skin as I , ahem, age.

If you's like to learn more, check out their website. Have you already tried Dermagist products? If so, please let me know!!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.