Can Having an iPhone Be Like Having a Limo Driver?

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I am about to share a fantasy that I really believe many if not all moms have had. At least once. No, it is not that kind of fantasy. Sheesh.

No, my fantasy has to do with a limo and of course, a very cute limo driver. Okay--so just a touch of that kind of fantasy.

Why a limo fantasy, you ask?  (Really, you have to ask??) So I can work on my laptop while driving my kids everywhere they need to go, of course, not to mention giving orders to that cute driver who will just do what I ask without talking back.  

But seeing as how I have as much chance of that fantasy coming true as I do of getting a maid to clean my house, I figure the next best thing would be a new iPhone with an application like Evie where I can give voice commands and the phone will obey me (quite unlike my kids. Or the hubby.) And if you know me at all, you know I love giving commands!

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So as drive here and there with three loud kids in the backseat all oblivious to any commands I may issue, I can tell my iPhone to call the hubby, I can tell it to play my favorite sappy love song, I can even listen to my Facebook feeds --all while keeping my hands on the steering wheel and with no talking back! And best of all, I can tell my iPhone to get directions and  it will get them-- just -like-that!

So While I may not ever give up on my limo fantasy, I do think I could be satisfied with Evie and an iPhone. Just saying. 



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@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.