Happy Healthy Families Best of Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day has such potential for bringing families together and reminding those we love just how much we value and love them. In our house, I find that we get so caught up in getting the kids valentines for school, along with presents for the teachers, and such, that we often lose out on celebrating our family and our love for each other.

This year, I want to make the moment count, so to speak, and really celebrate our kids, our family and the many blessings we have (because so much of the time we gripe about what we do not have!) I have perused the Internet, looking for special ways to say I love you this Valentine's Day, and wanted to share some adorable and creative ideas for families this V-Day!

First up, just because I have such a sweet tooth and there is no day quite like V-day for indulging ourselves, is this fabulously delicious White Chocolate-Raspberry Heart Cheesecake from Woman's Day.

Your loved ones will have to feel the love when you present them with this mouth-watering dessert!

Next up, I love love love this incredible idea for a Treasue Hunt of Love from Beauty and 

I cannot wait to do this with our kids!

And for moms with little girls....here is an adorable homemade Valentine's Day head band from Katie Did

Who says this can only be worn on Valentine's day? Certainly not any little girls I know of!

And finally, gather the troops and have fun this wonderful family activity that everyone can participate in and share some Valentine's Day love--these too cute heart-shaped bird feeders from Silly Eagle Books

How cute are these?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.