Princess Costumes Still Number One Costume For Kids

You might be thinking Angry Birds costumes would be the number one costume for kids this Halloween. You would be wrong. Well, at least according to the National Retail Federation. Things could be differently in your own particular neighborhood, of course. Come October 31, you may be seeing all sorts of adorable Angry Birds roaming the neighborhood, ringing doorbells and tweeting "Trick or Treat!"

But Princesses are still queen when it comes to the most popular children's costumes. Nothing beats out tradition it seems, as the report says that along with princess costumes, witches and super-hero costumes round out the top three favorites for little kids.

Surprisingly enough, Angry Birds did not even make the top ten list of Halloween Costumes. And those costumes are so cute too!

So here, according to the National Retail Federation, are the most popular costumes for kids this year:

1. Princess
2. Witch
3. Spiderman
4. Pirate
5. Pumpkin
6. Fairy
7. Action/superhero
8. Vampire (tie)
8. Batman (tie)
9. Zombie (tie)
9. Disney Princess (tie)
10. Star Wars characters

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.