Where Can I Buy a Green Thumb??

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We have a big backyard. Really big. But I will not show a picture of it here because though it is a big yard, it is not a pretty one. Sigh. It is the kind of yard that boys love however. We have dirt. Lots of dirt. And in that dirt you will find tractors, toy soldiers, toy trucks, assorted cars and pretty much anything else two small boys can get their hands on.
What you will not find in our backyard are these
...or any resemblance of these:

I want a garden. A beautiful garden that is full of pretty flowers. But I am missing one thing - a green thumb. My thumbs are so not green, even weeds will not grow in my yard (so I am exaggerating....but you know what I mean.)
I have been reading about Whitney Farms® recently, and am feeling inspired to try one more time to grow a garden. They have only all natural plant food and products in their organic gardening line. This is important to me because of the small boys I mentioned earlier. Since they are always in the dirt, I prefer to keep that dirt as clean as possible (I know that may sound silly - but you all know what I mean, don't you?)
Organic Plant Food
With 25 years of gardening experience, Whitney Farms has developed products that have low to no dust and no manure odor. Their organic plant food is easy enough for me to use ( I require EASY - or I get lose interested fast. What??) and has specially designed protein-based blends that provide plants with
both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive. So between the organic soil and the all natural plant food, I should be all set.
Even though I am lacking in the green thumb department, I am hoping that I will see something like this in my backyard soon:

Wish me luck?
Btw, if you have an itchy green thumb, or are simply looking for healthier organic alternatives for your garden, check out Whitney Farms. They have a $3 off coupon available right now.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.