Mar 25, 2013

My Sweet Six Year Old Gone Picky {Eating, Of Course!}

He is still sweet as ever ... my six year old ... and I would never last a day without his sweet hugs and smiles, but oh my gosh have his recent eating habits driven me 'round the bend as they say!! The words 'picky eater' do not even describe fully my little guy these days.

Hopefully this is just another fun kid phase we are once again in the midst of going through, but until I see the light at the end of this particular tunnel, I am spending a good part of my time seeking out cool kid-friendly recipes that might tempt his taste buds.

'Cuz you know, if he had his way, he would eat pancakes all day.

And some days I almost give in and let him.

I came across this idea today - a layered salad - that looks so cute he may give it a bite or two. Maybe adding in some raisins (he does like raisins!!) between the layers will help. There are probably other little 'treats' I can sprinkle in as well that may encourage him to munch his way through the salad.

A simple idea really, and so often those turn out to be the best!


Layered Salad

What You'll Need: 

Salad mix of your choice - this recipe calls uses Watercress
Slaw mix
Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Quinoa, cooked
Salad dressing

What to Do:

Arrange layers of salad ingredients in small layers, using clear glass containers.
Top with strawberry and serve with an assortment of dressings.Slaw mix
Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Quinoa, cooked
Dressing of choice


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