Honey Maid Introduces Made Co.

Honey Maid has been fueling the creativity of kids since 1925, and now they have decided to take it even further by creating an online initiative – Made Co. - a unique new online contest series in which kids ages 6-12 can win opportunities to have their ideas brought to life with the help of industry experts. 

At Made Co., kids not only get the opportunity to make things but they also get to learn and understand the process behind how things get made. And at its core, Made Co. encourages kids’ creativity and productivity in a fun and engaging way.

How It Works~

Through Made Co., Honey Maid will partner with several experts from a variety of industries including clothing designers, game and toy makers, among others. Along with Honey Maid, the industry experts will review idea submissions and select one grand prize winning idea per project to be professionally created, with the help of the winning applicant. One of the current projects on the site now includes a chance to win a trip to attend a writer’s workshop (for a winning child with her/her parent) with My Weird School book series author, Dan Gutman, at HarperCollins Publishers headquarters in New York City. The winner will work with Dan and HarperCollins to produce ten copies of the book that s/he has conceived.

We Gave Made Co. A Try!

My two boys, ages 6 and 8, decided to enter the cartoon contest. They collaborated on a cartoon about Phineas and Ferb. They did need my help along the way as creating the comic was a bit confusing at first. We soon got the hang of everything though, and they were able to work on their masterpiece without my help after a little experimenting.

My six year old definitely took the reins on this project, even drawing his own version of a robot. For doing this he earned extra bonus points! Very cool! I was tickled pink watching him plan the story, from beginning to end - including what characters would say, the background and locations, and the plot points. I was beyond impressed with his work and creativity (beaming mommy of a kindergartner here!!)

So What Did We Think?

We all loved doing this project! The boys had a great time working together, and in the end created a very cute cartoon. This was something we all worked on together and had a lot of fun doing.

As a mom, I so appreciated that this site encouraged my guys to think...really think....and plan and work out their ideas until those ideas became a real cartoon strip that my kids are now so proud of! They had to formulate how the plot would start, what happens along the way, and how it would end. Made Co, created a wonderful learning experience that got my kids' creative juices flowing and provided them with a lot of fun. Kudos to Honey Maid for creating this site!

My boys are very proud of themselves. They had fun even while debating over plot points and characters, and they are definitely excited to see what contests are coming up next!

For complete details and rules about Made Co. visit www.HoneyMaid.com/MadeCo. And don’t forget to visit www.Facebook.com/HoneyMaid to learn more about the entire range of Honey Maid products such as Honey Maid Grahamfuls, which can help can fuel your child’s creativity.

Disclosure: I received a gift card from Honey Maid to facilitate this review, All opinions expressed here are my own and those of my sons.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.