No Bake Mother's Day Dessert {psst..Cheesecake Is Involved!}

Came across this cute, easy and very cool No Bake Mother's Day dessert recipe in Woman's Day. As soon as I read the words, 'cheesecake,' I started drooling. When I saw the pictures of these desserts I decided I needed to share.

 I love the idea of serving these decadent treats in clear jars with lids - add a pretty ribbon and these jars of scrumptious cheesecake desserts would make perfect Mother's Day gifts to hand out to teachers, friends and anyone you have on your list. Plus, the basic recipe is easily adaptable so you can add chocolate, blueberries, lemon, etc...and create your own fabulous creation.

Make a few of these 'jarred desserts,' add some tea, mugs and a new book all stashed snugly in a basket, and I think you would have one very special handmade Mother's Day gift to give someone!

See the recipe and more pics here!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.