Jun 11, 2013

Blurb: Create Personalized Books With Your Favorite Photographs

Aside from enjoying some quality reading timeI know I will be busy taking lots of pictures of the kids this summer - just like every year. This time around, I am super excited because I will be turning those sweet 'moments-in-time' memories into actual books that can be shared for years to come! If you have yet to try this - you really should! And Blurb will help you get started!

They are is giving all of us the opportunity to put our photographed memories into beautiful personally made books. I have a promo code for all of you to get 15% off your next purchase: BOOKSFORSUMMER. Use this code when you checkout to receive the discount. If you are planning a summer trip during June, you can still create a book at the end of the month, because the code doesn't expire until 6/30/13! You can even start your project now and come back in a few weeks after you have taken more photos to finish the project.

My sister-in-law gave me a book she created using photos from our family Christmas gathering last year, and I absolutely love it! All our pictures from the holiday are in one beautiful book which sits on the living room coffee table for all to enjoy. 

I honestly recommend preserving your family memories in a personalized book. My guess is that you will be hooked after you create your first one!

(P.S. these photo books make awesome presents for the holidays too!!)

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