Jun 10, 2013

Fun Summer Read: Wedding Day Murder

One of the perks of summer is getting to indulge in some lighthearted fun reading. I will be sitting by the pool much of the summer - hanging out with my boys, so a good book is a must for me.

Wanna see the latest book I am set to read next?  It's said to be a fun mystery with just a bit of romance. I am a  sucker for those 'Who Dun-It' books - so this one sounds exactly like my cup of tea when it comes to reading.

Yep. Cannot wait to get started either! School is over after this week for the boys - so I plan to have this book in hand, along with a giant bottle of sunscreen by the weekend. Did I mention that I will be proudly showing off my recently shaved legs - minus any signs of razor burn - at the pool?? 

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