10 Things About Moms (Every Kid Should Know)

Summer vacation is winding down, and might I say just in the nick of time?! The kiddos and I are at that point where we could all use some quality alone time. It has been awesome having long leisurely days relaxing at the pool, enjoying yummy drinkable yogurts and just hanging out with no set schedules.

Until now. Now tempers are beginning to run short, the kiddos are fighting with each other almost every 5 minutes, and boredom is at an all time high. Now I have reached the point of yelling, threatening and ultimately seeking refuge in the bathroom. My kids think I have morphed into crazy mom and bad mom, all rolled into one.

So I thought it was time that I let my kids know some important facts about moms. You know, so they might understand me better.

10 Things About Moms Every Kid Should Know.

1. Moms love their children. Usually. Almost everyday. Always.

2. We always like our children. Usually. Some Days.

3. We need breaks from you (sorry, it is true) to maintain our sanity.
    We miss you when we are apart.
    Weird, yes, but that is a mom for you.

4. Moms do not love wiping toilet seats. We do not love vacuuming cheerios off the floor. We may say a bad word or two when we step on one of your forgotten Lego pieces, it is true. But seriously, those HURT.  Playing chauffeur is not one of our favorite games. We really do not like it when you tell us you 'hate' us (even if we act like we don't care.)

5. We love hugs and kisses. Yes, those little things will make us cry sometimes, especially if they are offered without bribes or begging.

6. It hurts us when you cry. Always.

7. Snuggles in the night are better than chocolate.

8. We want you to become older, independent, happy successful human beings. We will guide you and help you find your own way out of the nest. Then we will miss you. Always.

9. We want you to be our babies forever.

10. We love you. Always.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.