Eggs and Mashed Banana Pancakes

eggs and mashed bananas pancakes

This 2-ingredient pancake recipe sounds too good to be true. Eggs and mashed bananas will equal delicious pancakes in just a minute or two? For all the busy families out there (like, mostly everyone) that grab frozen waffles and pancakes out of the freezer every morning, you must try this recipe.

There are no guarantees you will love these 2 minute homemade pancakes, or even like them. However, trying them just one time is so worth it.


Eggs and Mashed Banana Pancakes

Go grab two eggs and 2 bananas.

Mash bananas in a small mixing bowl.

Mix in the 2 eggs. Stir the batter.

Use a teaspoon to drop batter onto lightly greased non-stick skillet.

Let the pancake cook until the edges are dry - about 30 seconds. Flip and repeat for other side.

Remember, this pancake mix has no flour or baking powder in it, so the pancakes will not be fluffy like normal ones. They may actually look more like crepes than flapjacks.

Pour on your favorite syrup, toppings or whatever you like, and bite into the easiest pancakes to make ever.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.