Move Over Kale, Cauliflower Now Reigns Supreme

Cauliflower is hot right now. So hot in fact, that you may not even find any next you you go shopping. And if you do spot some, be prepared to pay up to $8 a bundle. Yes, cauliflower is the new reigning queen of vegetables. Sorry Kale.

Demand for the low-carb veggie combined with dwindling supplies due to unusually cold weather, have caused cauliflower prices to soar. Many grocery stores are charging $8 a bundle for the coveted white florets. Some produce aisles may not even have cauliflower available to buy.

So why has cauliflower grown so popular recently? 

It is low-carb, versatile and actually makes an excellent replacement for potatoes and rice in recipes. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C. The Daily Beast reports that In October, right before the shortage was announced, Whole Foods declared that the vegetable was making a “cauliflower comeback,” and touted a number of delicious recipes to prove it. The New York Times released an entire section on cauliflower recipes, which range from Indian-style rice salad to rigatoni.

A vitamin-rich, low-calorie veggie that can behave like a carb, cauliflower is highly touted in the popular Paleo diet, because “it substitutes for rice,” says Paleo blogger Russ Crandall, who runs the Domestic Man website, and says that there is a high demand for cauliflower recipes from readers.

There is hope on the horizon for cauliflower lovers, however. The Produce Alliance has reported that although the Cauliflower situation is slowly improving. Cauliflower fans, hang in there.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.