3 Simple Spinach Recipes That Are Kid-Friendly

kid friendly spinach recipes

Getting my kids to eat vegetables is tricky, and admittedly, if you were to eat at my house, you may find hidden veggies in some of my recipes from time to time.

I have discovered (thank-you Pinterest!) 3 simple spinach recipes which seem to be kid-friendly, as well as healthy. I am counting on the melted gooey cheese in each recipe to distract from any green stuff.

The skillet lasagna looks delicious, but it has me a bit worried. I am thinking those spinach leaves will simply be picked off and tossed who knows where.

My plan is to make the other two recipes first, and save the lasagna for last. The spinach cheese balls dipped in marinara sauce sounds really yummy. And everyone loves to dip, right? That, and the melted cheese goodness in the homemade hot pockets just may get my boys to eat some spinach and actually enjoy it!

Skillet Spinach Lasagna

 spinach lasagna recipe
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Now come on, who can resist a warm, bubbly delicious lasagna? This spinach lasagna recipe from Real Simple starts on a skillet, and finishes under the broiler. There is also a vegetarian option that I opt for. Either way, this dish comes out of the oven with a delicious aroma that will make your mouth water.

Cheesy Spinach Hot Pockets

homemade spinach hot pockets
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Delish has a recipe for hot pockets made with home-made dough that gets filled with two kinds of cheeses and spinach. Two cheeses....YUM.

Spinach-Cheese Balls

spinach cheese ball recipe
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My favorite thing about these vegetarian spinach cheese balls is that they are so easy to make. You can make this two-step recipe in about 15 minutes.

Wouldn't these make great appetizers? With some marinara sauce for dipping? I can also see these as a delicious healthy snack alternative for the whole family.