Sneaky Spinach Recipes Kids and Toddlers Love

Edited 11-4-18 - I have added fresh new sneaky spinach recipes for kids that even picky eaters should love. So scroll down to see the new additions!

Getting kids to eat green veggies is tricky. And yes, I admit that at my house, you may find hidden spinach recipes being served at dinner from time to time. I am that mom.

The thing is, spinach is just so darn healthy, I really want this super veggie to be a part of my kids' diets, one way or another. And while convincing kids to eat a simple plate of sauteed spinach is never going to happen at our house, luckily there are plenty of sneaky spinach recipes for kids that are healthy and delicious.

We are talking delicious gooey cheesy spinach recipes that kids will like. Even spinach fearing grown-ups should love these recipes!

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Easy Skillet Spinach Lasagna

 spinach lasagna recipe
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Who can resist creamy cheesy lasagna? This healthy spinach lasagna starts on a skillet and finishes cooking under the broiler. Make this as a vegetarian lasagna recipe or with sausage as an ingredient. Either way, this easy spinach lasagna comes out of the oven with a delicious aroma that will make your mouth water.

 Kids will eat this warm cheesy lasagna without even worrying about any little green stuff they may notice. Although, it couldn't hurt to hide the spinach in the marinara sauce a bit more.

Get the recipe at Real Simple.

Cheesy Spinach Hot Pockets

homemade spinach hot pockets
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Delish has an awesome spinach hot pocket recipe. Healthy hot pockets are made with soft homemade dough and are filled with chopped fresh spinach, mozzarella, and cream cheese. What kid says no to a warm cheesy hotpocket treat?

Spinach-Cheese Balls

spinach cheese ball recipe
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My favorite thing about these vegetarian spinach cheese balls is that they are so easy to make. It only takes about 15 minutes to have spinach-cheese balls ready to dip into some yummy Marinara sauce. Serve them as a healthy after-school kids' snack, or as a delicious party appetizer for grown-ups.

Sneaky Spinach Smoothie Recipe for Kids (and Adults too!)


I found this Berry spinach smoothie recipe for toddlers and kids at Life As Mama. The blended berries in this smoothie help mask the spinach flavor. Seriously, if you have not found a sneaky way to hide spinach in recipes kids will eat, try this recipe. I think it will be a winner.

And if your kids or toddler does not like to drink smoothies, freeze the smoothie recipe into popsicles!

Chocolate Chip Spinach Muffins

When you sneak spinach into brownies or chocolate muffins, your kids will only taste the scrumptious chocolate flavor. So even if your kids abhor spinach, chances are they are going to love these chocolate chip muffins with spinach. 

Get the recipe for Chocolate Chip Spinach Muffins at SouthernMadeSimple.

Cheesy Pasta With Spinach and Chicken 


So if your kids' aversion to green things in their food is insurmountable, this recipe may not work for you. However, if your kids do not mind a little green veggie in their meals, then by all means, please give this 15-minute cheesy pasta with spinach and chicken from Foodlets a try, right away!! 

There is little more I love than a quick dinner on busy weeknights (or any time really.) This simple delicious pasta dish takes only a few ingredients and steps to make and totally fits in with toddler-friendly spinach recipes even picky eaters should love!

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