4 Easy Valentine Dessert Ideas For Gifting and Sharing

Valentine's Day is not just about flowers and chocolate candy. Nope, we cannot forget about Valentine sweets. 

I'm talking about those wonderful sweet Valentine's Day fancy dessert recipes we get to bake and eat

And eat without the guilt, might I add.

If time is tight, try these easy dessert recipes with two ingredients - 4 yummy desserts you can make using just two ingredients that you may have in your pantry already!

Just ignore that little voice inside your head reminding you that you just finished eating all those Christmas cookies. After all, is it our fault these holidays are so close together?

And whether you are thinking about making romantic dessert recipes for two, or maybe just want some extra special homemade Valentine's day treats for everyone to munch on while making cute valentines (here are some fun ideas for Valentine crafts for toddlers), these easy sweet dessert ideas work either way.

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Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie Recipe

Image From The Novice Chef

Heart-shaped desserts for Valentine's Day like these cute Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies will make everyone on your sweetheart list smile, guaranteed! Get the recipe at The Novice Chef.

Pink Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies

Image From Baked By Rachel

Sweet sugar cookies with a pink twist are a perfect and easy homemade Valentine's Day treat for adults and kids. Just add some pink or red food dye to your regular sugar cookie batter. Wilton's heart-shaped cookie cutters work well for this recipe.  Get the step-by-step recipe at Baked By Rachel.

Pink Valentine's Dessert Cake Roll

Photo From Cleobuttera.com

One of my all-time favorite easy Valentine's Day desserts ever! This chocolate heart-topped pink roll cake is filled with surprise pink hearts inside! And when you check out the recipe over at Cleobuttera, you will be delighted to see this easy Valentine's Day cake starts with a simple store-bought box of cake mix!

Any shortcuts when it comes to cooking or baking makes me very happy. Just saying.

White Chocolate Valentine's Day Bark Bites

Photo From No.2 Pencil.com

Heart-shaped Candy Bark Bites with red, pink, and white M&M's for Valentine's Day would make the cutest treats for classroom parties, or a special Valentine's Day treat for kids when they come home from school.

You need a heart-shaped baking mold for this dessert recipe (the one pictured is a Wilton heart mold from Amazon). 

Head over to No.2 Pencil to get the complete step-by-step recipe.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.