3 Simple Ways to Easily Save Money in 2018

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There are so many tips, ideas and even charts for saving money, it is awesome. But at the same time, it can be overwhelming.

When it comes to saving money, I need easy. I need do-able. I need realistic ways to save that I can stick with day in and day out.

Like these 3 SIMPLE savings tips. I love each of these ideas and hope one of them (or all 3) might work for you too.

Save One Dollar Everyday

Yes, I know. You are probably shaking your head and thinking something like, "what?? why bother?"

But listen, this is a simple goal that is do-able. And that is important. I mean, what good are loftier goals that get abandoned because they were just too difficult to keep up with?

So yep, one dollar at the beginning of each day goes into a special savings spot I have set up. 365 days later, I will have saved an extra $365.

Now of course I know that is really a small drop in the old savings bucket. Still, it is. something. And I am counting on that one dollar each day turning into $2 or $3 dollars some days.

It is just important to set a goal you feel good about sticking to. It makes you feel better, and more likely to follow through with other bigger goals.

Plus, it is a fun way to start my day (smile.)

So yep, a dollar a day is my starting point.

Meal Planning

Going to the store every day to buy groceries for dinner that night is the number one way to NOT save money.

When I meal prep for the week ahead and do one shopping trip for all the necessary ingredients, it makes a huge impact on our grocery budget.

I should add that one of our biggest expenses every week is FOOD. So anytime I can cut down on eating expenses, it is awesome. 

The key thing here is sticking to that weekly dinner menu. That is my weak spot. I have been known to be easily persuaded into ordering take-out and falling off my food budget train.

This year I plan to do more meal prepping and freezing prepared meals, so when that sneaky urge to order delivery hits, I can just pull out a dinner from the freezer!

Can we talk about Left-Overs for a minute??

Yep, things need to improve in that area as well this year. So if you are like me, you need to make sure you have a nice ample collection of food storage containers. Because if you don't have a nice clean container with lid handy, chances are those left-overs will never see the inside of your refrigerator.

A little expense up front, but so worth it in the end.

Now is a good time to take inventory of your kitchen, and make sure you have all the cool kitchen cooking utensils for cooking. Having some new kitchen gadgets at the ready will help make all that cooking you are going to do much more fun.

Saving Money Using Apps Like Ibotta and Ebates

If you have not tried these cash back apps yet, please make this one of your New Year's resolutions.

Get cash back when you snap a picture of your receipt and send it to Ibotta. You can check their website for all the deals they offer, and I can pretty much guarantee you will find items you were planning on buying anyway.

Earn cash back using Ebates every time you shop online. There are no fees for using their service, and it is like getting free money just for buying something you are going to buy anyway.

My goal this year is to take more advantage of these apps, every time I shop. It is simply like throwing money away when I don't.

So I know these look like small steps that may not make a difference. But they really do. And baby steps can lead to much bigger steps along the journey to improve finances. We just need to find what works for us and start taking those first steps.