Need a Laugh Today? Watch This Video {Seriously. Watch. Now.}

This is the cutest - not to mention smartest - two year old thief I have ever seen! A mom posted this video of her son to YouTube Sunday, posting - "This is what our 2 yr old does at night. He picks the lock to his sister's room and takes her stuff...We caught it on video."

HYSTERICAL. {And, it made my ovaries twitch. Go figure.}

My Sweet Six Year Old Gone Picky {Eating, Of Course!}

He is still sweet as ever ... my six year old ... and I would never last a day without his sweet hugs and smiles, but oh my gosh have his recent eating habits driven me 'round the bend as they say!! The words 'picky eater' do not even describe fully my little guy these days.

Hopefully this is just another fun kid phase we are once again in the midst of going through, but until I see the light at the end of this particular tunnel, I am spending a good part of my time seeking out cool kid-friendly recipes that might tempt his taste buds.

'Cuz you know, if he had his way, he would eat pancakes all day.

And some days I almost give in and let him.

I came across this idea today - a layered salad - that looks so cute he may give it a bite or two. Maybe adding in some raisins (he does like raisins!!) between the layers will help. There are probably other little 'treats' I can sprinkle in as well that may encourage him to munch his way through the salad.

A simple idea really, and so often those turn out to be the best!


Layered Salad

What You'll Need: 

Salad mix of your choice - this recipe calls uses Watercress
Slaw mix
Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Quinoa, cooked
Salad dressing

What to Do:

Arrange layers of salad ingredients in small layers, using clear glass containers.
Top with strawberry and serve with an assortment of dressings.Slaw mix
Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Quinoa, cooked
Dressing of choice


Easter Crafts For Kids That Are Easy {Peasy!}

Need some cool ideas for Easter crafts for your kids that are easy, fun, and E.A.S.Y? You're going to love these ideas then - no major projects listed here...most of these cute crafts just need scissors, glue and and things you probably have already around the house.

Easter Wreath Ala Paper Plates

What you need:

Paper Plates (preferably white but any will do)
Scissors (safety scissors for kids, of course)
Glue (glue sticks are awesome)
These cute bunny and egg templates from DLTK (just click and print them out!)

How much you will need to participate in making these home-made Easter wreaths really depends on how little your kids are - the smaller ones will probably need your help cutting while the bigger kids can likely handle this project all on their own. Of course, it is always fun to get in on the action when kids and glue and smiles are involved, right?

To start, you and/or the kids need to cut the center portion of the paper plate out - so just the outside of the plate is left and ready to become the wreath.

Next, go to DLTK's holiday page, and print out the bunnies and Easter egg templates provided. Once printed, these too will need to be cut.

Then all that needs to be done is to let the kids glue the bunnies and eggs around the plate -making the awesome wreath!!

Add some yarn on the back of the plate to hang it.

Envelope Bunnies

What you will need:

White envelope (probably 5x7 envelopes will work best)
Pink construction paper or just extra paper around the house...i.e. printing paper, that can be colored pink (this will be for inside the bunny ears)

Crayons to color the bunny's eyes (or use more construction paper if you prefer!)
Cotton ball for bunny's nose (or just color a nose if you like!)

First, Print out these bunny ear templates from Martha Stewart, then trace the bunny ears on the sealed side of the envelope.

Next, you or the kids will cut along the line through both layers of the envelope.

Turn the envelope over, and what used to be the side of the envelope now becomes the bottom of the envelope. This now becomes a perfect little bunny bag to put a few yummy treats inside.

Cut pink construction paper to make eyes and insides of ears, and glue them on the front of the envelope. Use colored pencil for mouth; glue on a pom-pom nose.

Easy-peasy and so darn cute!

Cardboard Bunnies Ala Toilet Paper Rolls

Put those discarded toilet paper rolls to fun use by making adorable toilet paper roll Easter bunnies like these from

This is a fun Easter project for preschool kids because you do not need a glue gun or even paint. All you need is construction paper, white glue, and items in your house to decorate the bunny!

And, of course, the toilet paper rolls.

You can use toilet paper rolls just as they are, or if you like, cut them in half and make two smaller rolls. If you decide to use paper towel rolls instead, just be sure to cut these as they will be far too long for little hands to handle easily.

Use colorful construction paper to cover the cardboard rolls (crayons can work too as can markers.)

Next, decorate the rolls with bunny faces! Use things around the house like cotton, buttons, crayons, bows, etc. to make the bunny eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth.

Cut out bunny ears from construction paper, and glue {with regular old glue} the ears on the inside of the rolls.

Voila! Cute easy cardboard bunnies that will make perfectly sweet decorations for your Easter table!

If you haven't already seen variations of these cute toilet paper roll Easter bunnies on Pinterest, you must go look now. Seriously. You will get inspired by all the cuteness!

{{More Cool Easter Crafts For Kids Here!!}}

Homemade (And All Natural) Easter Egg Dye

Before you head to the store to buy Easter egg dye kits this year, check out these recipes for non-toxic homemade egg dyes. Simply gather up some fruits and veggies from your kitchen and get ready to decorate hard-boiled eggs that will be safe to eat after the hunt is over!!

How To Make Safe Homemade Easter Egg Dyes Using Fruits and Vegetables:

Place the fruits or vegetables in a saucepan with about 2 cups of water, and bring to a boil. Simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and strain through a fine-mesh sieve or colander, reserving the liquid. Add 1/4 cup of white vinegar and stir until combined. Let cool to room temperature and dye your hard-boiled eggs. The longer the eggs sit in the dye, the brighter they will be.

Use fruits like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries and cranberries to make pretty shades of blues, pinks and purples.

Use veggies like red cabbage, beets, yellow onion skins, and carrots to get dyes in the shades of blue, red, orange and yellow

How To Make Homemade Easter Egg Dyes Using Spices:

Place 4-5 Tbs. of spices and 2 cups of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat and strain through a fine-mesh sieve or colander, reserving the liquid. Add 1/4 cup of white vinegar and stir until combined. Let cool to room temperature and dye your hard-boiled eggs. The longer the eggs sit in the dye, the brighter they will be.

Coffee and other spices like ground turmeric and paprika can make wonderful earth tone dyes!

How To Make Homemade Easter Egg Dyes Using Liquids Like Tea and Juice:

Do not add water when using liquids - just add ¼ cup white vinegar into 2 cups of liquid. If using tea, make the tea in 2 cups water, then let it cool and add the ¼ cup vinegar.

Liquids such as grape juice and teas can be used to make fun colors for dyeing as well. That grape juice makes a brilliant purple!