Two Thumbs Up For Toy Story 3!!

Let me say first, who knew Toy Story 3 would make a grown woman cry? And laugh her self silly, giggle like a little kid, and sit up in her seat with tense anticipation at some scenes? Second, I am so hoping I am not the only grown woman that loved Toy Story 3 to Infinity and Beyond?! (That just felt so good, lol, I had to put that in!)

Seriously, I absolutely loved this last installment with Buzz LightYear and Woody. It had some of the funniest scenes and lines ever. I mean, I was laughing as hard as my 13 year old daughter and her friend. And we are not the easiest 3 people to get to laugh (we have high standards.) The only thing that distracted me from watching the movie was my five year old's face. Watching him watch the movie was pretty cool. Not many movies have come along that keep him 100% involved. This one did. It captivated him completely. My 3 year old actually did pretty well but he did get a bit antsy from time to time. And hubby, the toughest movie critic this side of the Mississippi, gave it two thumbs up. That is alot coming from him, believe me.

My one smallest hesitation with the movie is one new character introduced in this sequel: a baby doll. The problem I see with this doll is that she does come off as a bit creepy at times. And of course this creepy doll gets stuck with tasks in the movie that do not help make her seem like a cute cuddly baby doll. I was a bit worried that my 5 year old would be nervous after watching this doll, but actually he seemed fine (maybe I will be the one with the "willys" tonight....ack.)

But the doll is redeemed in the end, which is always good. You know anything Toy Story will have a happy ending, so I am thinking I am not giving anything away here. It is hilarious. Absolutely some of the funniest stuff I've seen out of all 3 Toy Stories now. You know how you kind of go to movie sequels with very little expectations? You kind of figure that the original can't really be beat or sequels cannot come close? Well not this time. If you go see it, I think you will be extremely pleased.

But be prepared for some teary-eyed stuff along the way...and a few tugs at the old heartstings.

And while I am sure I was not the only mom in there with tears on her cheeks, I am very thankful for dark movie theaters!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.