Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Have you had those moments, fleeting as they may be, where you think about making your own homemade dog treat recipes at home? You know, you have the thought, but then move it to the 'one of these days" piles?

Why not make that day today? Seriously, I promise you. making healthy homemade dog treats at home is a lot of fun. And easier than you may think.

Not to mention that your furry 4-legged always happy family member will adore you more than he or she already does.

We have three such family members at home, and they just know when I am whipping up a batch of homemade doggie treats just for them. Even before the pan is in the oven and the savory aromas fill the air, they. just. know.

As a doggie parent, the best part about making healthy dog treats at home is that I know exactly what they are eating. They love the flavors plus, I really think they feel loved even more somehow. Aaanyway, if they could, I am sure my three furry family members would definitely give 3 paws up to these savory homemade dog treat recipes.


Picture Credit: Reluctant Entertainer

My dogs love carrots (sadly, I cannot say the same about my kids.) Especially our Anatolian Shepard, Ringo. If you have a carrot in your hand, expect to see Ringo amble on over and give you his best rendition of sad puppy dog eyes. If he could vote, I have little doubt this carrot apple dog biscuit recipe would win, paws down.


The Little Epicurean

These DIY dog treats made with baby food are so easy to make, plus you will end up with a healthy batch of these delectable doggie treats!

Whip up this easy recipe for homemade sweet potato dog biscuits with a couple of jars of sweet potato pureed baby food, and a few other all natural ingredients.

Since this recipe will yield about 4 batches of these yummy treats for your dog, you can consider this budget-friendly recipe as an extra way to save money. A win-win, in my book!

An extra note: If you use baby food as a base in dog treats, make sure to choose baby foods that do not contain onions, grapes or raisins, as these ingredients can be toxic to dogs.

Check out the recipe at The Little Epicurean.


Image Courtesy of NellieBellie

Our dogs are part of our family, for sure. So when one of them gets anxious or stressed (usually our oldest dog, Lola) I feel bad. It can be a loud storm or a lot of holiday activity in our home, for example, that can cause our dogs to get anxious.

So I was thrilled to come across this recipe from NellieBellie, which uses lavender and chamomile, calming ingredients that can naturally calm an anxious dog.

You can freeze these homemade dog treats so they last a long time. Just grab some out of the freezer when you want to treat your dog with a calming biscuit.

And of course, they are delicious with or without the lavender and chamomile (which are entirely optional.) With a combination of peanut butter, unsweetened applesauce, whole wheat flour, and oats, these homemade treats will get any dog's tail wagging in no time.


Picture From Irresistible Pets

One of the best ways to keep your dog cool in the summer is with a yummy frozen homemade dog treat straight from the freezer.

This 3-ingredient dog treat recipe is made with apple slices, yogurt, and water. If your pup is lactose intolerant, go ahead and skip this recipe.

When choosing yogurt for a dog treats, make sure to use yogurts that do not contain any artificial sweeteners, as sweeteners can be toxic to dogs. (Here's a list of potentially toxic ingredients for dogs from ASPCA )

Check out the recipe at Irresistible Pets.


Picture From Dog-Milk

These super easy healthy dog treats are made with just two ingredients, a perfect recipe if you are just getting started at making your own dog biscuits at home.

So what are the two ingredients? Organic whole wheat flour and pureed baby food. (Again, make sure to not use baby food that contains onion, grapes or raisins.)

You can also substitute rolled oats for the flour, or use chickpea flour or buckwheat if you are looking for a grain free recipe.

And that's it. Of course, the real fun of starting out with such a simple basic healthy dog treat recipe is that it is easy to add ingredients and flavors to create your own custom recipe as you become that awesome dog treats connoisseur we talked about earlier!

Check out this recipe at Dog-Milk.

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