Jul 30, 2014

Why We Love Peaches (and You Should Too!)

Peaches are one of our favorite fruits, especially in summer. They are delicious to alone, and they are in recipes (be sure to check out the yummy recipes below!!). Peaches have many health benefits, yet somehow we don't seem to hear about those so much. For example,

Jul 29, 2014

10 Quick Tips About Moms (Every Kid Should Know)

Summer vacation is winding down, and might I say just in the nick of time?! The kiddos and I are at that point where we could all use some quality alone time. It has been awesome having long (some days longer than others) leisurely (some days way less leisurely than others) days

Jul 25, 2014

3 Foods That May Trigger Adult Acne

Dealing with adult acne is just not fair. Being acne-free should be an undisputed perk of getting older. Sadly, most of us probably have had to deal with acne outbreaks as adults though (and for those of you who haven't, I would just like to go on record as saying I am jealous.) Stress

Jul 23, 2014

This Was Made With Avocado?

I am not a fan of the avocado. Not in a dip, not as an ingredient or a topping on tamales, tacos and burritos,and especially not on toast. However, my daughter on the other hand, LOVES avocado.So when my daughter was putting avocado on her toast the other morning, I became curious - could there be some recipe out there that uses

Jul 21, 2014

It's a Pickley Sort of Monday

I didn't start out today with pickles on my mind. Really. Yet sometime between my first cup of coffee and my  third cup, I found myself immersed in learning about pickles. Specifically, how to make your own pickles. Did you know there are some truly easy homemade pickle recipes out there, just waiting for the likes of me to

Apr 10, 2014

Scrub Your Face Happy With Apple Cider

I found this simple little face scrub recipe in Woman's World Magazine. All you need to scrub your tired face happy apparently is some apple cider and baking soda. Who Knew?

I am game for trying new things

Oct 23, 2013

Pumpkin Sauce For Pasta - Who Knew?

I have been finding all kinds of fall recipes that use pumpkin in them, mostly desserts that sound delicious. But this recipe for a pumpkin sauce that I found online is a first for me! I have truly never thought about using pumpkin filling in a pasta - maybe that's just me though??

Oct 20, 2013

Kids Books To Replace Happy Meal Toys

Starting next month, McDonald's says they will be replacing those 'coveted' happy meal toys with kids books. The big switch will only be for the first two weeks in November though, and is being done in conjunction with the literacy advocacy group, Reading is Fundamental.

Oct 19, 2013

Autumn Love: Baked Apple-Cranberry Dessert

Nothing says Autumn has finally arrived like baked apples bubbling in a casserole dessert in the oven.. Add in some juicy good-for-you' cranberries, and this should be a perfect contender for one of the yummiest fall desserts ever.