Got Dandruff? Try Green Tea!

Who knew green tea could help fight dandruff ?

How To Use Green Tea To Stop Dandruff Itch 

First brew a cup of green tea (why not make it two cups of tea....drink one for your health and use one for your itchy scalp!!)

Valentine's Gift For Her: Noodle And Boo Heart-Shaped French Milled Soap

Looking for a last-minute Valentine's gift for her?  The Noodle and Boo All of My Heart French Milled Soap is heart-shaped and made with mild cleansers and gentle moisturizers that ensure healthy skin.

Yummy Flourless Chocolate Cake

I love everything chocolate -Valentine's Day or any day. Real Simple has a delicious post showcasing 50 Best Chocolate Recipes,one of which is a recipe for Flourless Chocolate Cake. This is intrigues me because  a.) I have never eaten a flourless cake and b.) I have never made a cake without flour before.

Usually I will go for truly decadent recipes like these chocolate-raspberry mini-turnovers I made for Mother's Day last year. But my thighs are telling me change can be a good thing. Plus, my teenage daughter has been on quite the health kick these days and would probably appreciate my effort in making a healthier dessert.