Pumpkin Recipes For Fall

Vegetarian Meals For Picky Kids

Vegetarian Meals For Picky Kids
Vegetarian Meals For Picky Eaters

Playdough Recipes Without Salt

Playdough Recipes Without Salt
easy playdough recipes without salt

welcome to HHF

welcome to HHF

Easy Pumpkin Recipes With Canned Pumpkin

 Published 9/27/23 ~ Updated 11/10/ 23

20 healthy and easy canned pumpkin recipes for breakfast, dinner, and dessert. From gluten-free pumpkin brownies to hearty pumpkin chili and nourishing pumpkin soup, there is a pumpkin treat for everyone in the family! Even picky eaters will find a pumpkin recipe they love!

savory pumpkin dessert bars and healthy pumpkin spinach casserole

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I love fall. I love the cooler weather, snuggling under fluffy blankets, watching movies, and making recipes with pumpkin (because savory tasty pumpkin dishes are the best, and the aroma of baking pumpkin spice just makes it feel like fall at our house.) 

Easy Pumpkin Ice Cream (No-Churn, Dairy Free)

Dairy-free Pumpkin ice cream is a delicious fall dessert the whole family will love!!

Fall is the season of pumpkin everything, so of course I needed to get a post about something pumpkin-y on the blog.😍

And what is yummier than a creamy smooth pumpkin vegan ice cream recipe?? 

Cozy Home Fall Decor From Amazon

Embrace fall and decorate your home without stretching the budget with cozy fall home ideas from Amazon and simple DIY fall home ideas to make your home extra warm and cozy this season. 

Healthy Protein Snack Ideas For Work and On The Go

Food and Recipes /Updated June 6, 2023

Snacks are an important part of a healthy diet, as we need energy throughout the day and between mealtimes. 

And high-protein snacks are filling so it is easier to stay away from sugary treats at work and instead enjoy some healthy snacking.

For me, it is simply impossible not to eat between meals, so  I have to make sure I have plenty of healthy high-protein snacks ready to go whenever those hunger pains hit. If I don't, you will find me raiding our pantry for cookies or chips (or the refrigerator for ice cream.)

So if you are anything like me, check out these super easy healthy protein snack ideas for work or on the go, or even to have just at home so you can skip the junk snacks 😀.

Instant Pot Recipes For Picky Eaters ( That Are So Good, Kids May Go Back For Seconds!!)

12 Instant Pot meals for picky eaters that make quick healthy family dinners everyone will love.

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When my boys were little, they were super picky eaters. I mean, they would go through the meals I made them with a fine tooth fork (well, a fork anyway) looking for anything that looked "weird" or "fancy."

18 Grilled Vegetarian BBQ Recipes For Your Backyard BBQ This Summer

Wondering what to cook for vegetarian BBQs this summer? Here are 18 easy vegetarian bbq recipes that are meatless, healthy, and delicious to serve at your next summer BBQ.

Meatless BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich and Grilled Pineapples

From easy meatless bbq recipes like veggie kabob recipes to easy grilled veggie burgers, and delicious grillable desserts, you can have something on the menu for everyone at your summer cookouts that they will love.

Kid-Friendly Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipes

Delicious easy kid-friendly vegan mac and cheese recipes everyone in your family will love ( and no one but you needs to know that they are actually eating healthy creamy mac and cheese with hidden veggies.)

Quick vegan mac and cheese kid-friendly

Gourmet Grilled Cheeses

Gourmet Grilled Cheeses
Gourmet Grilled Cheeses

Easy Homemade Gifts For Mom

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