Holiday Gift Guide: HEXBUG Nano

This is going to be one of the hottest toys this Christmas, I think. HEXBUG Nano are tiny robotic bugs that flip, race and buzz around. They come in very cool test tube packages, which can easily fit into pockets and backpacks. There are many different sets that be easily put together for the Nano bugs to travel about. Kids can use their imaginations to create endless varieties of mazes.

My boys were delighted when we found out we were going to have the opportunity to host a HEXBUG Nano Party. We received enough bugs, tracks and sets to make for a group of very happy, very noisy and very creative little boys to have a fantastic time! Judging by the smiles on their faces, and the way the HEXBUG Nano playsets kept the boys entertained, I really think they will make a popular gift this year.

Each Nano bug has 12 legs and vibrates to move itself across the floor. If it tips over, it picks itself right back up and carries on. If something comes in its way... it changes direction and keeps going. Pretty amazing actually.

While we received the original Nano bugs, there are several more variations available: the HEXBUG Inchworm, the HEXBUG Crab, the HEXBUG Original, and the HEXBUG Ant:

The Hexbug Inchworm

The Crab

The Original


On the HEXBUG website parents and kids can read and learn more about the robotic nature of this toy, and the science behind it. All Hexbugs come with a special code which you can enter online. Kids can learn about science and famous scientists, and play games in addition to registering your Nano and keeping track of your collection. As far as mixing fun and education, I think the creators did a great job! My six year old is especially impressed with these little bugs, and maybe he will be inspired later down the line to get into engineering (you just never know, right?)

 The HEXBUG Nanos are availabe at retailers such as Toys 'R Us and Target. They will make awesome stocking stuffers at about $7.99 each, and of course a Habitat for the Nanos will make a super gift for boys and girls!

Happy Healthy Families gives this toy two thumbs up!

We received a complimentary HEXBUG Nano party package to facilitate our review through Mom Select. All opinions expressed here are my own and my boys, and no compensation was received for doing this review.

Holiday Gift Guide: Moon Dough

Moon Dough is along the same lines as PlayDoh, but comes in a much different consistency. It is light and has somewhat of a cotton candy feel almost. My kids received the Moon Dough set with a Barnyard playset. The instructions to assemble the barnyard were easy (my six year old pretty much put it together by himself.) The Moon Dough came in several packages and we were instructed to knead the dough for a bit before using.

The kids had a blast filling the molds and making their farmhouse setting come alive with animals, hay and even fencing, Clean-up was not too bad, though the moon dough can crumble a little easy and pieces may fall about. But honestly, I have to admit I was thrilled to find out that, as the packaging indicates, this stuff does not dry out! So while I may have been picking pieces of moon dough up from my carpe, I can happily report that it did not stick to the carpet! That has always been one of my pet peeves with playdoh. I always find that stuck stubbornly to my carpets and completely dried out and not much use anymore. Once I picked up any loose pieces, they were easily squished back into the balls of moon dough the kids were playing with, and used over and over again.

Moon Dough sets are for ages 2-4, but as I mentioned before, my six year old had a blast with this toy along with his little brother. Moon Dough comes in eight colors, blue, white, green, orange, purple, pink, red and yellow. You can buy it at Target, Toys R Us, Amazon and several other retailers. There are also other sets beside the barnyard available, such as the Magic Molding Doghouse and The Moon Dough Pizza Set. 

Depending on which set you choose, you can expect to spend no more than $20, with some sets being around $9.99. Moon Dough does not dry out, is hypoallergenic and wheat-free!

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All opinions expressed here are those of Happy Healthy Families, and no compensation was received for this review. We received a Moon Dough Set to review as part of Team Mom.

Holiday Gift Guide: Olivia's Transforming Playset!

First up in our Holiday Gift Guide is the adorable Olivia's Transforming Playset!

We received this cute toy to check out, and yes even though it seems geared for little girls, my munchkin boys had a great time playing with it. In our house, Olivia is a favorite. Based on the children's best selling book, the Nick Jr. Televison character reminds kids, boys and girls, to always imagine, be creative and most importantly, to follow their dreams.

My preschooler loves Olivia, and was very excited to play with this toy. And of course, his six year old big brother wanted to get in on the fun!

The very awesome and cool thing about this playset from Spinmasters, is that it actually transforms with one easy switch from Olivia's home to a Pirate Ship! My boys thought that had to be the one coolest trick they had ever seen! They had no clue it did this, and my six year old thought I had performed some sort of magic when I had him close his eyes while I did the transformation (really, you just turn the playset and click open the other side: easy peasy!). Both boys were thrilled with the pirate ship set!

The second coolest thing about this hot Christmas toy is that it is a cinch to close up and carry wherever you go!

The 2-in-1 Olivia Transforming Playset comes with all sorts of miniature furniture and accessories (Small parts warning for those with little ones under two!) and stickers for decorating the playset rooms.

We also received the Plush Olivia toy with the playset. So cuddly and cute, mom wanted to snuggle with Olivia for a bit too!

Our Olivia plush was the "Artist Olivia,"  but Olivia also comes in other plush variations as well:

The 2-in-1 Transforming Playset and Olivia Plush Toys are available at Amazon,Toys “R” Us, Target, Kmart.

We think this is definitely a hot toy for Christmas this year!

Thanks to Spin Master and Team Mom for this review opportunity and for providing the Olivia toys for my family to review. All opinions expressed are those of my munchkin boys and their mom!

Dean's Dip Giveaway: Week #2

Oh my.....a week skipped by and I was so caught up with happenings here at home, I missed posting the second giveaway! EEK! So here I am now with Week 2 of Dean's Dip Giveaways.

This week, Dean's Dip asks the question, " What is your favorite dipping devices? Is it Chips, Veggies and/or Pretzels?"

This week's prize package has some fun goodies:

Dean's Dip coupon
Deans Dip blanket
Reusable bag
Deans Flip Flops

To enter this week, make sure you have done the first two mandatory entry requirements:
1. Become a fan  Deans Dip on Facebook 

2. Follow Deans Dip on Twitter.

and then leave me a comment with your answer to this week's question!  (all 3 of these are mandatory entry requirements!)

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This giveaway will end next Monday, Oct. 25th at 11:59 EST .

Good Luck!

Giveaway Time: Dean's Dip Fun Package #1

So this is week one of three weeks of fun giveaways from Dean's Dip! If you missed my post last week, I'll recap for you all because I am nice that way~

Each week for the next 3 weeks, I will be hosting a new giveaway courtesy of Dean's Dip.  Each week I will post a question from Dean's Dip for you to answer. That will be your main entry into that week's giveaway!

This week's prize package includes :
Cheese and dip tray
Pretzel Tin
Deans Pretzel Dip coupons
Chip clips

Ready for this week's question? Here you go!

Deans Dip has introduced two new flavors to their Deans Dip line-up, Honey Mustard and Cheddar Cheese:

"Add a sweet twist to a savory pretzel! This classic pretzel dip made with real honey and Dijon mustard is a low-fat snack worth savoring! Try it on pretzel twists, sticks, or chips. Also great with other finger foods like chicken nuggets or egg rolls."

"Cheddar Cheese and pretzels go together like Oktoberfest and beer. The tangy flavor of cheddar cheese adds a zesty zip to pretzels or chips, crackers or baked potatoes."

Visit the the Deans Dip website, and check out these two new pretzel dips and some yummy recipes! Then come on back here and answer this question:

Dean's Dip  wants to know which team you are on : Team Cheesy (Cheese Dip) or Team Honey Mustard?

To enter this week's giveaway:

1. Leave me your answer to this week's question in a comment ~ please include a valid email address.

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 Giveaway #1 will end next Tuesday, October 12th at 11:59 EST. Good Luck!

Winner of the Glade Fragrance Collection Giveaway!

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What a Great Idea: Save Money By Swapping Diapers!

I love this idea, and definitely did a "Why didn't I think of that?" when I heard about it! One of the things we parents spend a lot of money on is diapers. And how many times have we bought extra packages of diapers because they were on sale, and ended up not using them all because our babies moved up to the next size? What about all those unopened packages of diapers from your baby shower? Or when we decided to try a brand we hadn't used before, and decided that brand didn't work for us? What did you or do you do with extra, unused, and no- longer- needed disposable diapers??

There is a website called And they solve the problem of what to do with those extra diapers, and even gives you a chance to save money on buying diapers. The basic idea is to post about diapers you wish to trade, sell, or donate. Sort of like a virtual diaper swap meet for parents.

It is free to register and use There are no transaction fees and posting is free and simple as well. We are basically done with diapers at our house, but for parents with babies in diapers, I think this could be a very useful resource definitely worth checking out.