Birthday Party Gurus: Share Your Creativity on Pinterest and Win With Beau-Coup!

I have two summer birthday parties to plan - one for my about-to-be 15-year old (!) daughter, and the other for my 7-year old son. Both in June, and both parties will be as opposite as can be

I need creative ideas....and fast.

Johnson's Baby Cares

Johnson's baby products are a very familiar sight in our home. I have been using their shampoos, lotions and baby powders since my first baby was born. So I am so happy to learn that Johnson's Baby Cares has partnered with Save the Children

Where Can I Buy a Green Thumb??

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.
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We have a big backyard. Really big. But I will not show a picture of it here because though it is a big yard, it is not a pretty one. Sigh. It is the kind of yard that boys love however. We have dirt. Lots of dirt. And in that dirt you will find tractors, toy soldiers, toy trucks, assorted cars and pretty much anything else two small boys can get their hands on.
What you will not find in our backyard are these

Tea Collection's Liking Spree Contest

FYI:  Be sure to check out Tea Collection's Facebook page and vote for your favorite girl dresses and/or boys tops.  (The contest has been so popular with parents so far, that they have added even more styles!)

Once an item has received 1,000 Facebook Likes, it will go on sale--$15 dresses and $10 boys tops! 

It's fun and easy -  Just browse the new styles today and then  vote for your favorite girls dresses and boys tops to ensure that those items go on sale next.

Happy Liking!

Father's Day Buzz: Easy Breakfast in Bed Recipe

Oh yum. This is an easy and kid-friendly breakfast recipe that is perfect for serving dad in bed this Father's Day! And because dad's whole entourage can easily munch on this breakfast together while watching cartoons in bed - you may want to make a double batch!

Got a Picky Eater? Try This Cute Trick

Love, love, love this idea from Real Simple. I am so going to be trying it out with my five year old tonight!

If you have a picky eater, or a 'reluctant' eater when it comes to veggies, have them roll a couple of dice - the number they get is the number of bites they need to eat. No nagging, no pleading and no bribing. What??

 I have hopes this little trick will keep name-calling (I am so not  a 'mean mom' and certainly not  the 'meanest' of all mean moms!) to a minimum come dinner time.

Huggies Hawaiian: Help Diaper a Baby For a Day

Huggies Hawaiian diapers are so stinking cute - they almost make me want to have another baby.

Do you have babies in diapers at your house? Have you or do you use Huggies?

[Did You Know?] Boppy Supports Moms in Need

Did you know that the Boppy company - you know...they make those seriously wonderful baby support pillows and shopping cart covers....  is known for providing support to moms?

What The Flicka? Felicity Huffman's New Venture After Desperate Housewives

Sunday is not just Mother's Day - it is also the day we say goodbye to the ladies from Desperate Housewives. ((Sigh.))

But....there is some good news for DH fans - Felicity Huffman has launched a new website for women, What The Flicka?  where she says, ''we can all continue to connect, laugh, cry, complain and share warmth, love and good advice.”

3 Brilliantly Easy Handmade Gifts For Moms!

These cute heart-shaped sachets are so easy to make!

Cut two heart shaped pieces out of your (or mom's) favorite fabric.

Sew edges together, leaving a big enough opening to add scented potpurri. After filling, finish sewing up all sides.

Add you own message, poems, pictures etc., to personalize!

Kentucky Derby Saturday: Got Recipes? Pure Leaf Iced Tea Does!

The Kentucky Derby is on Saturday, May 5 - will you be watching with friends and family? Even if you are going to be kicking back and watching the race by yourself, every great event deserves a great drink,

I come from a long line of tea drinkers (being Irish and Scottish and all) and there is nothing I love more (well, almost nothing) than a cup of tea. I admit I usually go for the warm cup of tea, but I also love love love iced tea - especially on hot summer days.

So when we received three of these to try out:

Well, let's just say between myself and my kids, the teas didn't last long. Sigh. They disappeared so fast, I wasn't even able to try out one of the fabulous recipes that came with them.

Decadently Delicious Mother's Day Sweet: Chocolate - Raspberry {Mini} Turnovers!

Delicious Mother's Day  Sweet Chocolate Raspberry Turnovers

Photo: Ellie Miller

Looking for an easy yet ridiculously delicious brunch recipe for Mother's Day? Making these mini chocolate raspberry turnovers is simple using decadent chocolate truffles and fresh raspberries. Eating only one, however, is a challenge.

Caution: Reading this luscious dessert recipe will make your mouth water.
Unless you are not a fan of chocolate. Or raspberries. And if so, you may want to stop reading now. You could try some of these just as delicious home baked apple desserts instead.

Chocolate-Raspberry {Mini} Turnovers (Makes 12 Turnovers)

(recipe from Woman's Day)


12 sheets of filo dough (each about 14 x 9 in.), thawed if frozen

1 bar(s) (3.5 oz) chocolate truffles (18 pieces)

Fresh raspberries (about 1/2 pint)


Heat oven to 375°F.

Unfold filo and cover with plastic wrap to prevent drying.

Remove 1 sheet filo and lightly coat it with a non-stick spray or brush on melted butter.

Fold the sheet of filo in thirds lengthwise.

Lightly spray or brush top with melted butter.

Place 1 piece of chocolate about 1/2 in. from bottom end of strip; top with 1 raspberry. 

Fold lower right corner over filling, forming a triangle. Continue folding triangles to other end of strip. 

Place on baking sheet. Repeat with the other sheets of fillo to make 12 mini-turnovers.

Bake 10 to 12 minutes until golden. Remove to a wire rack to cool. 

Melt remaining 6 pieces chocolate in microwave; drizzle over turnovers.

Then indulge in the warm chocolate raspberry goodness while celebrating surviving motherhood one more year!