Why We Love Peaches (and You Should Too!)

Peaches just seem to be a traditional part of summer. Who doesn't remember munching on one while trying to not drip juice everywhere? My kids love peaches, which means I can put these in the fruit bowl and feel pretty certain that they will not just sit there and get rotten!

Plus, peaches can be a pretty healthy snack. For example, did you know that fuzzy fruit has only about 30-50 calories, and contains no cholesterol?  And there is more good reasons to consider eating a peach next time you want to munch on something.

Peaches Are a Heart-Healthy Food

Peaches (and other 'stone fruits' like plums and nectarines) may help prevent obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

A study from Texas A&M  has shown that phenolic compounds present in peaches and other stone fruits have anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties that may reduce bad cholesterol LDL which is associated with cardiovascular disease.

Peaches Make Our Skin Happy

Peaches have Vitamin C, an antioxidant that is good for our skin.  Vitamin C can help fight wrinkles and also helps promote the formation of collagen which supports healthy skin.

Peaches Are Good For Eye Health

Peaches have beta-carotene - and studies show that eating 3 or more servings daily of fruits containing beta-carotene helps promote healthy vision and can lessen the development of eye disease like cataracts and glaucoma. 

Peaches Can Be Good For Our Tummies

Fiber helps us stay regular...and guess what? Peaches have lots of fiber, So eating a peach just may help keep your tummy happy and healthy!

Okay, are you ready to check out some mouth-watering recipes with peaches now? Let the drooling begin.

 Easy 4-Ingredient Home-Made Peach Sorbet

Picture Credit: MARCUS NILSSON / MArtha Stewart.com

It's summer, and what could taste better than some refreshing homemade Peach Sorbet? This 4 ingredient peach recipe from Martha Stewart is so easy to make - you may already have the ingredients in your pantry!

Plus, you can let the kids eat this soft-serve style as soon as you finish making it, or better yet, you can freeze it up to 3 days and serve this dessert slushy-style.

Get the recipe

Peach Pancakes

Here you go: a perfect lazy Sunday brunch recipe! Don't forget to drizzle this homemade Chai pancake syrup  over your stack of peach pancakes!

Sweet Peach Tea

This recipe makes me feel like lounging outside under a umbrella and sipping my tea while enjoying the last few days of our summer vacation. {Sigh.}

Healthier-for-You Peach Crumble Recipe

This recipe alone is a reason to love peaches! Imagine being able to  enjoy a healthier version of this classic dessert.

10 Things About Moms (Every Kid Should Know)

Summer vacation is winding down, and might I say just in the nick of time?! The kiddos and I are at that point where we could all use some quality alone time. It has been awesome having long leisurely days relaxing at the pool, enjoying yummy drinkable yogurts and just hanging out with no set schedules.

Until now. Now tempers are beginning to run short, the kiddos are fighting with each other almost every 5 minutes, and boredom is at an all time high. Now I have reached the point of yelling, threatening and ultimately seeking refuge in the bathroom. My kids think I have morphed into crazy mom and bad mom, all rolled into one.

So I thought it was time that I let my kids know some important facts about moms. You know, so they might understand me better.

10 Things About Moms Every Kid Should Know.

1. Moms love their children. Usually. Almost everyday. Always.

2. We always like our children. Usually. Some Days.

3. We need breaks from you (sorry, it is true) to maintain our sanity.
    We miss you when we are apart.
    Weird, yes, but that is a mom for you.

4. Moms do not love wiping toilet seats. We do not love vacuuming cheerios off the floor. We may say a bad word or two when we step on one of your forgotten Lego pieces, it is true. But seriously, those HURT.  Playing chauffeur is not one of our favorite games. We really do not like it when you tell us you 'hate' us (even if we act like we don't care.)

5. We love hugs and kisses. Yes, those little things will make us cry sometimes, especially if they are offered without bribes or begging.

6. It hurts us when you cry. Always.

7. Snuggles in the night are better than chocolate.

8. We want you to become older, independent, happy successful human beings. We will guide you and help you find your own way out of the nest. Then we will miss you. Always.

9. We want you to be our babies forever.

10. We love you. Always.

3 Foods That May Trigger Adult Acne

Dealing with adult acne is just not fair. Being acne-free should be an undisputed perk of getting older. Sadly, most of us probably have had to deal with acne outbreaks as adults though (and for those of you who haven't, I would just like to go on record as saying I am jealous.)

We have heard and read that stress and hormones are usually the cause of acne in adults (and teens, too) but did you know that certain types of food can cause adult acne as well?

Three Types of Food That May Increase Adult Acne

1. Dairy. Yep, milk may do a body good, but according to dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger, milk may also have high levels of hormones that can mess with our oil glands  - and help trigger acne breakouts in adults.

Important note here- an article on WebMD states there is not a direct confirmed link between dairy and acne. Dairy is an important source of calcium and vitamin D, which your bones (and the rest of your body) need. If you find that your skin clears up after you cut out dairy, see if you can have a little without breakouts. Some people can drink small amounts of milk and stay acne-free. Or try different kinds of dairy. Nonsweetened yogurt from cows, or dairy from other animals such as goats, may be more tolerable for your skin. And also remember that you need to replace the calcium that you would normally get from dairy by eating other foods such as calcium-rich leafy greens (like kale and mustard greens), broccoli, and sardines.

2. Sugar. No big surprise here. We know sugar is not exactly healthy for us anyway. But some studies also suggest that eating foods high in sugar can cause blood glucose to rise rapidly, triggering a boost in insulin and resulting in inflammation on a cellular level. This can lead to the growth of pore-clogging cells, as well as overactive oil gland activity. Clogged pores means higher chances of an acne breakout.

This may be why so many of us link eating chocolate with acne. The dairy and sugar in some chocolate could be why I will wake up to a nice red pimple after eating chocolate. There is some good news however - according to one study, chocolate inflames existing acne instead of causing it. And another study shows that patients who ate milk-free chocolate bars – not pure cacao – showed no connection at all. So if you love your chocolate, try eating dark chocolate because it usually has less dairy and sugar.

3. Fried Foods. So along with eating food with too much sugar, eating too much fried food is just not a great choice for us either. Many fried foods have unhealthy trans fats and omega 6 fatty acids which can trigger inflammation -which can aggravate acne. (not to be confused with healthy omega 3 fatty acids which can actually help reduce inflammation)

So what can we do as adults to try and limit acne flare-ups? Looks like cutting back on sugar is a must. And for more reasons than acne alone. Eating foods with healthy omega-3 fatty acids is important - and again, for more than just trying to avoid acne. And follow your instincts. If you suspect a specific food causes breakouts (be it milk, sweets or processed snacks), you can try to cut back or eliminate it for four weeks and see if your skin improves.

This Was Made With Avocado?

I am not a fan of the avocado. Not in a dip, not as an ingredient or a topping on tamales, tacos and burritos,and especially not on toast.

However, my daughter on the other hand, LOVES avocado.

So when my daughter was putting avocado on her toast the other morning, I became curious - could there be some recipe out there that uses avocado yet when you eat it you would exclaim something along the lines of, "This Was Made With Avocado?? Really? No WAY."

(Because we all know how healthy avocados are for us,I figure it is worth trying to get some in my diet somehow.)

After doing a little searching, I have now found 3 crazy avocado recipes that sound like they would taste really good. Sounds like. But would these recipes really trick someone like me who absolutely wants nothing to do with that dark green fruit??

So here are my top 3 avocado-based recipes I found that I just may try soon (when and if I do, I will post about it and let you know what I thought!) For any other non-avocado lovers out there, take a peek and see if one of these recipes makes you want to run out and buy an avocado right away.

1. Popsicles Made With Avocados and Pears. 

(this sounds pretty yummy for summer....learn how to make this two fruit dessert .)

2. Blender Made Avocado Lime Ice Cream 

 Ice Cream made with avocado just cannot be all bad, right? I am hoping this one is really good because I love ice cream.) Besides being made with avocado (and limes,) you don't need an ice cream maker to make this ice cream! All you need is your blender!

3. Avocado Margaritas.

What needs to be said here? Margaritas. Yea, I'll try this one. How sweet would it be if this is the recipe that makes you say, "THIS was made with Avocados?? NO WAY!"

It's a Pickley Sort of Monday

I didn't start out today with pickles on my mind. Really. Yet sometime between my first cup of coffee and my  third cup, I found myself immersed in learning about pickles. Specifically, how to make your own pickles. Did you know there are some truly easy homemade pickle recipes out there, just waiting for the likes of me to stumble upon them? I am talking recipes that even the person voted most likely NOT to be a kitchen diva could handle.

So how did my thoughts this Monday morning turn to pickles? I was enjoying my first cup of coffee as I mentioned before, while browsing one of my favorite sites - Woman's Day. Lo and Behold, a really adorable picture of a jar of pickles with a little fork cutely tied to it with some twine caught my eye. Instantly I thought of what an awesome gift this would make for any pickle lover on someone's Christmas list this year!

Yes...thoughts of Christmas are sneaking into my mind already, trying to compete with the many other thoughts rattling around in there.

Anyway, I started reading the article, which turned into a list of the best pickle recipes you can find on the internet. Before long, I was craving pickles and getting seriously caught up in how easy some of these were to make. And how delicious they all sounded - especially one recipe that called for gin.

So it came to be that I decided that I would have to try my hand at making my own pickles. The sweet and spicy pickle recipe I am going to try making comes from The View From Great Island. It  looks like something I can handle. Did I mention this is where that awesome pickle jar picture can also be found? Seriously, if you like making gifts for people, this is a really cute idea.

So today is Pickle Monday. I am already thinking of what Tuesday should be.