Cute Thanksgiving Desserts and Treats That You Can Make in Minutes (Everyone Will Love)

Need some fun last-minute cute Thanksgiving turkey goodies and treats? 

These easy kid-friendly cute Thanksgiving desserts are loaded with cuteness (and some sugar, of course.)

(Want some amazing fall desserts with less sugar? These 20 easy healthy canned pumpkin recipes are perfect for all your holiday gatherings)

Your guests will think you worked on these quick and easy Thanksgiving treats all day. No one needs to know the truth, however. It will stay between us, right here on the blog. 

And while everyone is waiting for dinner, these easy healthy pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips will keep your guests happy and content! 

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No-Bake Turkey Pops Dessert

No bake Thanksgiving Day dessert recipe Turkey pops made with oreo cookies
Credit: Sarah Jones


How cute are these Oreo cookies Turkey Pops.  Best of all, you can make these cute turkey goodies in minutes.

All you need to make these adorable turkey pops are Oreo cookies and candy. There is no baking or prepping needed!

This kid-friendly dessert can double as a fun turkey day craft for kids. They are easy to make, and kids will love making their own cute turkey day treats.

I think even grown-ups might want to get in on the fun of making these cute Thanksgiving desserts.

Pumpkin Patties

pumpkin patties are a no baking Thanksgiving dinner dessert recipe
Credit: Trish @Mom On Time Out

Trish, from Mom On Time Out, had her five-year-old help her make these sweet Thanksgiving Pumpkin Patties Dessert

So if you have bored kids asking you when dinner will be ready, keep them busy by having them help out in the kitchen making these cute last-minute Thanksgiving treats.

No-Bake Ladyfinger Pumpkin Pie Recipe

No Bake Pumpkin Pie Recipe Made With Ladyfinger Cookies
Credit: My Baking Addiction

If you are looking for an easy quick no-bake pumpkin pie recipe, here it is!!

Your family and guests are going to love this super easy pumpkin pie made with ladyfinger cookies. 

And since this easy pumpkin pie recipe does not require any baking time, you can have this yummy Thanksgiving pie ready in no time. 

What is Pumpkin Pie without Ice Cream?? Try: Easy Creamy Pumpkin Ice Cream (No Churn, Dairy-Free)

Easy Chocolate Acorn Cookie No-Bake Recipe

No bale Thanksgiving dessert made with vanilla wafers and melted chocolate

 Chocolate Kisses Acorn Cookies make super cute last-minute Thanksgiving treats. The recipe uses melted Hershey's chocolate kisses, so you will use the microwave for a minute or two, but you do NOT have to bake these cookies in the oven!

You can also make these quick Acorn Cookies using ready-made chocolate frosting and skip the microwave step if you are really short on time!

These easy-peasy chocolate treats will no doubt be gobbled up quickly, so be sure to make plenty!

Mostly Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes 

Turkey cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles and candy eyes make fun easy quick Thanksgiving day dessert recipe

If you are running short on time, and need a fun easy quick cute dessert for Thanksgiving, make Turkey Cupcakes -  definitely one of the best easy shortcut dessert recipes everyone will love!

Let the kids decorate store-bought cupcakes with chocolate frosting, then use chocolate sprinkles and candy corn to make these adorable turkey treats! 

If you should have time to make homemade cupcakes, you can try this cute turkey dessert recipe from Six Sisters Stuff.

But if you are like me and always seem to be running behind, keep it simple and use store-bought cupcakes and ready-made chocolate frosting.

(No one at your family gathering needs to know about the "store-bought" part. Shhh...)

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