5 Last Minute Thanksgiving Desserts That Scream Cute

Need some easy last-minute desserts for Thanksgiving? Here's 5 kid-friendly Thanksgiving desserts, no baking required, that are loaded with cuteness (and some sugar, of course.)

Your guests will think you worked on these recipes all day. No one needs to know the truth, however. It will stay between us, right here on the blog.

Turkey Pops 

Credit: Sarah Jones

Kids will love these Oreo Turkey Pops desserts. No baking or mixing required. You assemble this cute turkey using Oreo cookies and assorted candies, and the result: cuteness on a stick.

Pumpkin Patties

Credit: Trish @Mom On Time Out

Trish, from Mom On Time Out, had her five-year old help her make these sweet Pumpkin Patties dessert. So if you have some bored little ones needing something to do, here is a no bake, no fuss, quick last minute Thanksgiving dessert you and your kiddos can put together in a jiffy!

No Bake Pumpkin Charlotte Dessert

Credit: My Baking Addiction

If you are looking for a no bake pumpkin pie recipe, here it is! Luscious pumpkin pie with yummy lady finger cookies.

Easy Peasy No Bake Chocolate Acorn Cookies

Cute chocolate acorn cookies  are so easy to make and fun to eat. This recipe uses melted chocolate (so, you will use the microwave for a minute or two, but no baking required here, promise!) but other versions use chocolate frosting instead. These cookies will no doubt be gobbled up quickly, so be sure to make plenty!

Sort of Homemade Turkey Cupcakes (Shhh...).

If you are really running short on time, but still need an adorable dessert for Thanksgiving, you could have the kids decorate store bought cupcakes using this turkey cupcake recipe from Six Sisters Stuff as inspiration.
(No one needs to know about the "store-bought" part. Shhh...)