Not Me! Monday

Another week has passed, and another Monday is here bringing "Not Me Monday" to blogs everywhere! So what kind of things did I NOT DO last week? Here's a sampling...

I did not (and could not anyway!) attempt to do the infamous Michael Jackson "Moon Walk" many times over. Hubby wants me to add that he did not try to do this either. Sigh. RIP, Michael, we love you!

I also did not tell hubby (I mean -ask, so nicely too!) to make dinner because I had soooo much bloggy work to do, when really I sat looking at Farrah Fawcett pictures and reading about her battle. Sigh.

And I never ever did not NOT answer my phone last week --who lets phone calls go to voicemail when they are home, anyway????-- because I was watching The Bachelorette. Sheesh.

I simply did not, would not, and will deny, wearing the same t-shirt and shorts to bed one night, and all the next day because I was too stressed, tired, cranky, and busy with my bored, restless cranky demanding kids to bother changing. Nope. I am always happy, cheerful and impeccably dressed everyday, as are my perfect, angelic, adorable, well-mannered children. Hrumph!

And no. I did not forget to do laundry last week.

Want to not confess anything from your week? Head over to My Charming Kids and join in the fun!

Vacation or Staycation This Year?

Well it finally feels like summer here....the heat is most definitely on. Bring on the kiddie pol for the munchkin boys, and the BBQ for the hubby! I remember summers growing up it was an automatic thing to plan a vacation--even sitcoms on TV that I used to watch always had episodes about family vacations. But as we all know, unfortunately, times have changed. Instead of vacation, staycations have become more the norm than the exception.

Clorox did a survey, and it shows that over 60 percent of the moms that took the survey reported an increase in the amount of time spent cleaning their homes because their families were staying home so much more.

And Mom Central is doing their share to help us busy moms out with staycations and kids by offering some important safety tips --

Staying Safe at BBQs. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Moms are cooking more at home and many are likely switching up their meal routine with an outdoor BBQ. Make sure your kids have a safe BBQ experience by keeping them away from the flames and any sharp knives. Also, don't forget to check that your child's hamburger is fully cooked. Always keep a thermometer on hand to be sure all food has reached the appropriate inside temperature.

Keep the Pool Cool and Clean. If your kids love to spend hot afternoons in kiddie pools, you know the importance of cleaning the pool area. Dump out water after each session, and keep the pool clean by disinfecting it with a solution of ¾ cup bleach* to one gallon of water. Don't forget to rinse well and dry thoroughly after each cleaning (never leave any water in the pool). Be sure to always supervise children when they are in or around any water. (* Always remember to read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products)

Staying Healthy and Hydrated. Spending time in the heat means kids will be more prone to becoming dehydrated. Remind kids to take frequent rest/drink breaks in the shade when playing outside and try to avoid activity during peak sun hours. Encourage fluids before, during, and after outside activities.

Having Peace of Mind at Playgrounds. Sometimes just getting out of the house is the best way to keep it clean, but before letting kids loose at the playground, ensure the safety of the equipment. Swing seats and slides can really heat up in the sun – test them out before your kids hop on to avoid burns. Be sure the playground surface is composed of a soft material to help prevent injury. All playground equipment should be routinely checked for any broken or loose parts. As always, adult supervision is a must at all times!

Saving on Spills. Spending extra time around the house, especially with kids, often means more spills to clean up. Synthetic sponges and kitchen cloths can start to smell and carry bacteria, but you don't have to toss them out after a few uses. One option to reduce bacteria is to sanitize sponges and dishrags by soaking them in a bleach solution (¾ cup of bleach* to a gallon of water) for 5 minutes in the sink. Don't forget to rinse and dry when done. A wet sponge can also be microwaved to get rid of bacteria. (* Always remember to read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products)

So what are your plans this summer? Staycation or Vacation...or a combo of the two? I envy those that can plan long summer vacations, so if you have a trip to Hawaii planned, or some long cruise somewhere're gonna really piss me off.


Go on...share. I can't bite you through this darn screen anyway.


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Saturday Small Talk Six

This is a fun question this week! If you have not joined in Small Talk Six, Head over to MomDot and join in the fun.

The Question

“if you had magical sunglasses, name 6 things you would like to see with them.”

1. My kids all as babies again

2. My house in perfect condition..with furniture and pool and everything the way I want(yea, I can be very materialistic...sigh)

3. My brother, who passed away.

4. My parents, who have both passed away

5, The ability to check on my kids and see if any danger was coming their way so I could protect them first

6. My children happy and healthy in the future.

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Aloha Friday

Strange sad Friday after yesterday's tragic death of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. So here is my Aloha Friday question (if you haven;t heard of Aloha is hosted by Kailini at An Island Life!)

What Is Your Favorite Michael Jackson Song, OR, did you ever try to get that awesome Farrah hair style (be honest now, hehe!)

My answer: No, I never tried for the hair,,,knew there was no point with my hair. But I did envy Farrah's glorious mane, and I had many friends that did try to copy her hairstyle.

Michael Jackson....sigh. So many songs I love of his, but I guess my all time favorite would be "I'll Be There." Sniff.

Thursday Thirteen-- Thirteen Things That Make Me Smile

Since I am feeling cranky and tired tonight, I thought it would be therapeutic, hehe, to think of things that make me smile! So here goes:

1. My kids faces in the morning.
2. My munchkin boys hugging each other. (So much better than when they are fighting!)
3. My daughter's smile.
4. Money I forgot I had and found in a pocket or such.
5. A new book on my table, waiting to be read in bed.
6. A clean house (for however brief)
7. My husband playing with our kids.
8. Getting a new comment on a post (*wink*wink)
9. Starbucks coffee on a Saturday morning.
10. My two year old wanting me to hold his hand when we are walking
11. My 5 year old telling me he loves me. (Much better than when he tells me what a mean mom I am!)
12. My 12 year old telling me she loves me every night before she goes to bed.
13. My kids sleeping peaceful faces. (awesome!)

Jon and Kate: So Not Necessary

Why are they dragging out their personal baggage in front of TV screens everywhere, and worse, why make their children part of it?

I would guess that Kate is determined to keep interest alive at all costs for the sake of the dollar, or rather, many many dollars, she is raking in from her reality TV show.

These eight children will have this stigma for the rest of their lives now. How sad. To live your lives publicly because mommy and daddy (though I do believe it is mostly Kate's desire here to be in the public eye)want to be rich and famous.

Shame on TLC, and shame on Jon and Kate. Mostly Kate. Can you tell I do not like this woman?

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Music Box- Children's Music CD

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Music Box : Review and Giveaway!

I so love reviewing children's music because my little guys enjoy music...alot...which I am so surprised and amazed at sometimes. Music is a powerful thing ---brings out emotions, creativity, inspires physical movement (not that my boys really need more physical movement, hehe), and makes you happy and carefree, if even for a bit.

We received a copy of "Music Box" in our mail recently, and of course when my munchkin boys see a CD, they want it played immediately! Music Box is the latest CD from the amazing singer, Mary Kaye, set to be released July 2nd.

The songs are fun, silly and very melodic, all at the same time. We bounced around, got our respective grooves on, sang along (my kids especially love singing to the "Bug" song...go figure!) and enjoyed the Music Box CD immensely.

Mary Kaye has a quality to her voice that is so mesmerizing that you enjoy listening to it many times over--which is a good thing for adults with kids like mine who want to hear the same thing over and over again !! The words are clear and easy to hear, which I appreciate very much, and the stories behind the songs are so cute and realistic.

Mary Kaye is is an award winning singer/songwriter based in southern Maine, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She has worked as a professional actress, an elementary classroom teacher, and as a director of several drama camps for children. With a beautiful voice and an obvious love for and understanding of children, it is no wonder that she has produced such wonderful and successful children's CDs such as "Spin Your Web," "Mouse Jamboree," and "I Sang It Just For You" previously.

Music Box will be released July 2nd, and you can purchase a copy at Amazon for $16.98.

Or You Can Enter To WIN A COPY !!

Mary Kaye has graciously offered to send a copy of Music Box to one of my readers!

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What I learned Being A Mom To Boys

I just read an hysterical (yet sadly so true!) article on 25 Things I learned being a mommy to boys. If you are a mommy with boys--this is such a must read! And even if you are not --read it anyway for a chuckle, or 3 or 4!

I must conjure up my own list of things I've picked up mothering my munchkin boys, and add to her list!

I have learned from my little men that--

furniture serves no other purpose than for parachuting off, preferably with dirty muddy shoes on feet.

And bugs are lovely things to hold (literally) and cherish (till they are accidentally squished in those caring grubby hands) and keep as pets (until the afore mentioned squishing occurs.)

And cleaning is something that men (even little ones) are born allergic to. Somehow women (like mommies) do not have this allergy.

And dirt is a magical thing that follows boys around. Dirt loves boys. Dirt clings to boys. Moms cannot break up this relationship. It is pointless to try.

So go read this mom's list and have fun laughing!

There are so many other things I have learned being a mom to boys...but I'll just say one more.

Those dirty grungy little arms can give some of the best hugs ever.

Got Flowers? "HINT CARDS" Giveaway!!

Flowers have almost magical powers. They really do. But raise your hand if you never get enough, or any, of those magical powers sent your way. I have both hands raised, hehe. My hubby is a good guy, but buying me flowers is just not something that occurs to him for the most part. But thanks to the California Cut Flowers Commission, I received an awesome bouquet of gorgeous flowers...delivered right to my door step! I had forgotten about the review coming up what with my crazy life lately and all, so I was literally stumped when the flowers arrived. And so was the hubbs! But soon enough I remembered from where the bouqet had come.

After letting my hubby sweat it out a few extra minutes than I really had to (I know...I'm evil!), I 'fessed up and filled him in that this was a review that I had been asked to do.

The California Comission on Cut Flowers has devised a helpful way for women or really anyone for that matter, to drop hints that they would love some flowers. The Commission is going to be debuting "Hint Cards" in floral retailers soon, but would love to get some feedback from us blogosphering mamas first! Cards

The Hint Cards are so cool. There are 25 in a set. They have cute little "hints" printed on them such as "Psst...My Favorite Flower is in Season." On the back of each hint card is a message from California Cut Flowers "suggesting" that a loved one would love some of America's Freshest Cut Flowers.

Fun stuff. I am giving my neighbor a few of these cards, and she and I wil be using our cards and keeping tabs to see how well they work with our hubbys.

Want to play along? The California Cut Flower Commission will be giving 25 of my readers a set of their own cards! Each set has 25 cards in it. You can put these hint cards anywhere...under pillows, in bowling bags, on bathroom mirrors, steering wheels, tape it to remote controls, on a case of beer in the refrigerator....hmmm....anywhere at all!

So all you need do is leave me a comment telling me the first place you would leave a hint card. That's it! The first 25 people commenting will get their free set of 25 cards. And hopefully some beautiful flowers shortly thereafter!

And one more thing! When the winners receive their set of 25 hint cards, they will also get instructions for filling out an online survey and get a chance to win a bouquet of flowers every month for a year! Now that would be sooo cool!

Giveaway will end June 27th at 11:59 est. Contest open to US Addresses only. Must include valid email with comment if not a blogger

Thanks again to The California Cut Flower Commission and The Family Review Network for this sweet review!

Review and Giveaway: Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

First....I am apologizing again! I am sooo very behind on reviews and giveaways this month...and all I seem to be doing is falling more behind! Between hospital stays with my son and a broken computer in the computer shop, I have piles of reviews waiting on my desk.

But today I am very happy to report my computer is working again, my son is home and doing much better, and I have a fabulous giveaway for the awesome Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner!!

My Pledge Cleaner came not a moment too soon to my house...let me say right off! I have had the craziest yuckiest couple of months with my son being in the hospital that cleaning has easily been the last thing on my mind. But at some point one cannot steer clear of dust and finger prints, smudges and streaky yucky marks...and cleaning must be done no matter what else may be happening. KWIM? So it has been at our house the past weeks.

The Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner has been somewhat of a blessing to me ---I know it sounds a bit drama-ish, but it's true. I tried it out one night when I was home on a hospital break while my son's dad stayed with him, and I was wound up enough and disgusted enough that I decided to do try out my Pledge and see how it worked. I loved it!

The fragrance is not overpowering--light and fresh and "clean" smelling. But what I love love love about this cleaner is that I can use it to polish my tables and move right on to the bathroom mirrors and sink with it. I was leery to use it on my windows, but it worked great! No streaks, no filmy residue left. It truly made it so easy to walk through my house cleaning surfaces as I went. And that is exactly what I needed. Easy, quick, and effective cleaning!

And right now you can print out a $1.00 off coupon for the Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner!


Pledge is giving one of my readers a chance to try out the Multi Surface Cleaner, and though I sincerely hope no one has to try it out under stressful circummstances like I did, I can tell you that this stuff is great for cleaning. Especially when time is not something you have a lot of to spare!

To Enter The Pledge Multi Surface GiveAway:
Visit the Pledge site and leave me a comment telling me which of their cleaning products you have tried or would love to try, and why.

For Extra Entries:

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Contest will end June 18th@11:59 PST

Thanks to Family Review Network for this review!

Dirty Bow Wow Winner!!

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