Delicious Healthy Flourless Carrot Cake

healthy almond flour carrot cake recipe
Carrots are fun to eat raw (because what isn't fun about crunchy raw veggies and dip??) but Holy Moly, carrots taste even better when they are baked in healthy for you flourless cakes!

But, before we eat our carrots, let's review why Eating.Carrots.Is.Healthy.For.Us.

(even when they are in a cake with heavenly frosting)

Studies suggest that the alpha-carotene in carrots helps fight plaque build-up in arteries in the brain. Clear arteries means blood flows cleaner, and stroke risk is reduced.

Women who eat at least five carrots a week are 68% less likely to suffer a stroke than women who eat carrots only once a month, according to the research.

{Yep, go ahead and grab a carrot from your refrigerator now. I'll wait.}

Carrots contain Vitamins A, B, C and E. They are an excellent source of soluble fiber, and are low in calories and sodium. And the carotene in carrots help lower the risk of heart disease.

These crunchy veggies are good for your teeth and skin (the Vitamin A helps protect skin from sun damage, helps prevent wrinkles and dryness).

Carrots have been shown to help fight lung, breast and colon cancer.

And yes, they are good for your eyes!

Okay. Enough reviewing. On to the most.awesome.healthy.carrot.cake.recipe.ever.

Diethood has this amazing Flourless Carrot Cake with Mascarpone frosting on her website. It uses almond flour instead of traditional flour, and she promises that this cake tastes 'light as air and sweet as sugar.'

You know you want to go check the recipe it. Like right now.

Okay, go on. I understand.

{ may want to try this Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe later. No carrots, but lots of yummy!}

The Amazing Paper Cup and Watermelon Ice Pops

Small paper cups make perfect molds for deliciously easy frozen treats. All you really need are wooden Popsicle sticks, aluminum foil, small paper cups, and the yummy stuff to put in the cups.

Frozen mini yogurt pops and watermelon ice popsicles are two kid-approved recipes around our house that are especially welcome during the summer months.

To Make Watermelon Ice Pops, You Will Need:

2 1/2 cups cubed seedless watermelon
1/4 cup sugar, if desired for extra sweetness

Put watermelon and sugar in a blender or food processor. Mix until you get a fairly smooth consistency, Pour into paper cups. Cover tops of each cup with aluminum foil, sealing edges around the cup. Make a small slit in the foil and insert a wooden pop stick. Freeze until solid.

Remove foil, tear away the paper cup and enjoy!

To Make Mini Frozen Yogurt Pops You Will Need:

8 ounce paper cups
Yogurt and/or summer fruit like watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe
aluminum foil
wooden popsicle sticks

Divide the yogurt into paper cups. Get creative and add ingredients like sprinkles, chocolate chips, and small pieces of fruit. You could also layer different flavors of yogurt in the cup.

Cover the top of each cup with a piece of the aluminum foil- seal edges around the cup. Make a small slit in the foil and insert a wooden pop stick. Freeze at least 8 hours {and no more than 3 days.}

Remove foil and then tear the paper cup away from the Popsicle {my kids loved this part for some reason}


Monopoly Millionaire - Family Fun Night Revived!

Monopoly Millionaire revived our family fun nights. For about $10, Friday night became one of our best game nights yet.

My son has been begging me to buy this latest version of the old classic board game. Last night, I conceded. Checking out the Target and Walmart websites, it turns out Walmart had the game on sale  for $9.84 while Target listed it at $18. 

Unfortunately Walmart is a lot farther away from our house than is Target {A. Lot. Farther.} And I was alot tired. Location won out over price, and off to Target we went. Once there, I checked to see if they did that best price-matching thing - turns out they do! 

The very nice customer service person confirmed Walmart at the game at a lower price, so they matched it!  Sweet {And I felt so proud of myself. The little things, you know?)

And so Friday fun night was on. Two bowls of popcorn, one large bowl of grapes, a platter of cheese and crackers, lots of laughter and smiles later, my daughter was proclaimed the victor {and a new millionaire!}

The Xbox stayed silent the whole night. 
The boys and their sister did.not.fight. Nope, not once. 
We stayed up late, laughed, told silly jokes and had a blast.

When the hubby and I were tucking our sleepy boys into bed, and our daughter said her good-nights, I whispered to him that was the best $10 I have spent in a very long time.

No video games, no cell phones, no Facebook, no iPad or iPods.

Well played, Monopoly Millionaire. Well played.

Recall Alert: Kolcraft Liberty Jeep Strollers { Certain Models Only}

Kolcraft has recalled certain models of the Liberty Jeep Strollers. The affected models are JL031, JL032, JL034, JL035 or JL036 manufactured between June 2010 and September 2011. The model number and date of manufacture are printed on a white tag on the rear upper center of each seat-back pad.

The reason for the recall according to the company is that the inner tube of the tire on the stroller can rupture causing the wheel rim to fracture, posing a risk of bodily injury and property damage.

The three-wheeled strollers being recalled were sold in different color fabric combinations with a metal black and silver frame including: green seat and canopy, a gray seat and canopy with a teal blue stripe across the center of the canopy, an orange seat and canopy with a tan stripe, tan seat and canopy with yellow stripe across the center top of the canopy, and tan seat and canopy with an orange canopy rim.

 “Jeep” is printed on the side of the stroller and on the front of the stroller tray. There is a plastic red toy steering wheel, ignition key and orange shift lever mounted on a yellow base attached to the stroller tray.

 If your stroller wheels have a gray triangle located on the rim at the valve stem then your stroller wheels are not included in this recall, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The strollers were sold at: Burlington Coat Factory, Sears and Toys R Us nationwide, online and at other mass market and independent juvenile specialty stores from June 2010 through June 2013 for between $150 and $180.

If you have one of these models, you should immediately stop using the product and contact the company to receive free replacement wheels. The recall warning adds that consumers should use a manual bicycle pump to inflate stroller tires to a maximum of 30 p.s.i. Do not use gas station air pumps to inflate stroller tires.

Call (800)-453-7673 Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5:00 PM EST to order a free repair kitor visit and click on 'Safety Notifications' {located on top right of the page} to learn more about this product recall.

See Complete CPSC Recall Notification Details.

Huggies MomInspired Grant Program

Huggies is searching for the next big 'thing' that will help make parents' lives easier. Through their Huggies®MomInspired® Grant Program, they will be awarding $15,000 grants up to 12 people to explore and grow their innovative product ideas.

Seriously, if you are one of those awesome creative parents that have had an 'Ah Ah' moment when an wonderful idea crossed your mind as you were diapering, wiping a runny nose, cuddling your child, helping your little one brush their teeth...etc.,  you. should. enter.

If you need inspiration or encouragement, check out the coolest 'mom-o-vations' Huggies has posted.

 {You know -  the kind of ideas that make you [gently] slap yourself and say, 'why didn't I think of that??'

By the way, this program is open to anyone who has an innovative baby or child care product or idea – it is not limited to only Moms or women. {yes, we are speaking to all you creative dads out there!}

All grant winners will receive business advice from Maria Bailey, author, radio and TV personality and founder of, as well as support from Kimberly-Clark.

About The How's, Who's and When's:

Who- Anyone with an original, innovative and viable new product idea to help make life easier for parents; must be 21 and older and reside in the United States

How- Log onto and submit application, including the idea and business plan.

When- Now through July 31, 2013

Why- For the chance to receive $15,000 and advice to help start or grow your business idea For more information about all the grant recipients and the program, visit Grants will be awarded in fall 2013.

Good Luck!

Cool 4th Of July Craft Idea {Got Potatoes?}

Planning a Fourth of July party? Or maybe you just need a cool  4th Of July craft idea for the kids?

This project is easy-peasy, fun and makes a great way to decorate for summer parties as well! All you need is a potato and some paint.

First, cut a washed and dried potato in half.

Next, draw a star on one of the potato halves (on the fleshy side)

Cut away the surrounding potato (about 1/4" deep) until you have a star-shaped stamp that kids can hold onto.

Pour a little blue paint in a bowl for kids to dip in their potato star stamp.

Then let the kids can get stamp happy and craft all kinds of fun Fourth of July decorations such as...

T-Shirts, posters, napkins, and tablecloths

Super easy, fun and cheap craft for kids to make this Fourth of July!

Kids' Bathing Suits, Shorts, Rompers & More On Sale At Tea Collection

Tea Collection has some of the. cutest. kids' clothes around. Right now, Tea Collection is offering up to 50% off on all of their spring collections. These major sales only happen twice each year  - so if the lazy days of summer at your house need a jump start with new fun outfits for the kids, check out this sale.

A complimentary peek of the cute stuff on sale just for you!

Cute stuff. Up to 50% Off. Hurry.

'Make Your Heart Berry Happy' Milkshake {Yummy Recipe Ahead!}

In the mood for a yummy summertime milkshake recipe that is actually healthy for you? This shake is made with two different kinds of berries {you can always feel free to add more though!} which we know  are very good for your heart's health. Plus, this recipe calls for replacing ice cream with Greek yogurt which really boosts the health benefits.

The Good Stuff You'll Need To Make This Heart-Healthy Berry Milkshake

3/4 cup plain Greek Yogurt
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup strawberries
1 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. honey (for sweetness)


Get out your blender and blend away! Pour this yummy berry shake in a cold glass - enjoy!!

{P.S. This drink goes really well with a new summer mystery and/or while getting your legs ready for summer!}

Blurb: Create Personalized Books With Your Favorite Photographs

Aside from enjoying some quality reading timeI know I will be busy taking lots of pictures of the kids this summer - just like every year. This time around, I am super excited because I will be turning those sweet 'moments-in-time' memories into actual books that can be shared for years to come! If you have yet to try this - you really should! And Blurb will help you get started!

They are is giving all of us the opportunity to put our photographed memories into beautiful personally made books. I have a promo code for all of you to get 15% off your next purchase: BOOKSFORSUMMER. Use this code when you checkout to receive the discount. If you are planning a summer trip during June, you can still create a book at the end of the month, because the code doesn't expire until 6/30/13! You can even start your project now and come back in a few weeks after you have taken more photos to finish the project.

My sister-in-law gave me a book she created using photos from our family Christmas gathering last year, and I absolutely love it! All our pictures from the holiday are in one beautiful book which sits on the living room coffee table for all to enjoy. 

I honestly recommend preserving your family memories in a personalized book. My guess is that you will be hooked after you create your first one!

(P.S. these photo books make awesome presents for the holidays too!!)

Fun Summer Read: Wedding Day Murder

One of the perks of summer is getting to indulge in some lighthearted fun reading. I will be sitting by the pool much of the summer - hanging out with my boys, so a good book is a must for me.

Wanna see the latest book I am set to read next?  It's said to be a fun mystery with just a bit of romance. I am a  sucker for those 'Who Dun-It' books - so this one sounds exactly like my cup of tea when it comes to reading.

Yep. Cannot wait to get started either! School is over after this week for the boys - so I plan to have this book in hand, along with a giant bottle of sunscreen by the weekend. Did I mention that I will be proudly showing off my recently shaved legs - minus any signs of razor burn - at the pool?? 

Summertime Means Shorts, Shaving, and Razor Burn {EEK}

Okay. It. Is. Summer. Kids are bored after one day of summer vacation home, the scent of suntan lotion is wafting gently in the air, and one of my worst nightmares is upon me.


Now, don't get me wrong. I love shorts. I really do. Just not on me. However, I wear them. Yes. I. Do. I make the ultimate sacrifice because my family pressures me nonstop really wants to see my summer spirit expressed via my wardrobe.

Be careful what you ask for, I tell them. 

Of course, wearing shorts requires one shave their legs first. In my case, that means I get a heavy-duty razor that can handle my months long growth of leg hair which I have previously kept happily hidden under jeans. this TMI??

Shaving my legs guarantees one thing. Razor burn.

What soothes razor burn? I am asking because I have not found anything that really helps.

Until now.

 I found this wonderful tip for easing the pain of razor burn in a magazine the other day, which made really excited!!

{It's the simple things that make me happy, don't ya know?}

So ladies, make note of this razor-burn relief tip because it is actually a good one -

Eye Drops And a Cotton Ball.

These two things will give us {After all, I cannot be not the only mom in town that suffers from 'short-wearing phobia - induced razor burn' - am I??all much-needed relief from razor burn.

Put a few drops of eye drops on the cotton ball, then gently dab the affected area.

The key is that you must use eye drops with these specific ingredients:

**potassium chloride and tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.**

Did you get all that?

Apparently Visine Advanced Relief Eye Drops meet the criteria.

So I am doing three things today.

1. Drinking Heavily   Shopping for eye drops.

2. Shaving my legs while drinking heavily keeping my newly purchased eye drops by my side.

3. Hiding my bathing suits. Every. Last. One.

Get Your Free Doughnut - Today is National Doughnut Day!

Today is National Doughnut Day! Who knew? I sure didn't until I came across an article about it while surfin' the web. Here are two places where you can get a doughnut for free today:

Krispy Kreme ( free doughnut without any purchase -yay! Only while they last though.)

Dunkin Donuts (free doughnut when you buy a beverage.)

In addition, Entenmann's will donate $1 to the Salvation Army for every person who "likes" the Entenmann's Facebook Page. (A nice way to celebrate the day without indulging in the extra sugar!)

For those of you who would rather celebrate this awesome national holiday by doing a little baking of your own at home, check out Modern Mom's Sneaky Chef's healthy homemade doughnut recipe. I think I will have to give this a try with my kids!

Enjoy, Indulge and Celebrate (and put the bathing suits back in the closet for another day.)