About Those New Year's Resolutions

Ah...I don't know about all of you, but for me I get funky when it comes to the old goal setting time of year. I actually get wishy washy more than funky, I guess. It always goes the same way...I get all motivated and excited and determined that this will be the best year ever! I have goals literally racing around my head. The delicious feelings of motivation and determination are busting out all over the place. And then...I swing the other way. Maybe I'm just weird. Sigh. But inevitably, the second thoughts, the kind of "ack...I'm so overwhelmed, can't figure out what to do first" feelings start to move in, kicking those cute motivated thoughts aside, and there I am. Not focused enough to write down my goals, and wondering why I ever thought (however fleeting it was) that I could actually make such grand changes this year.
Maybe I am afraid of setting goals, in my head or on paper. Maybe the thought of failing keeps me from making a move. Hmmm...or maybe it's just that I hate the idea of being tied or obligated to structure--even one that I set for myself. But I sit here wondering what stops me from writing down goals and believing in myself enough to accomplish them. Maybe just writing this post will be a catharsis of sorts and will help me recapture those excited determined feelings again, and actually try putting a goal or two on paper.

But as I sit here pondering, typing and watching my two year old destroy yet another Christmas Tree ornament (note to self--take down Christmas Tree asap--poor thing has endured enough torture) I am feeling that writing goals may be a tad over rated. It does add an element of stress and pressure I certainly don't want in my life. And doesn't it kind of set the way for failing if you do not achieve everything on your list? My life is too unpredictable for me to have a "list" of goals and deadlines to meet. And I kind of feel like "..the best laid plans..." saying holds true. For me. Not necessarily for anyone else of course.

I think I will strive to hold close to my heart the hope I have for all things good this year for my family, the hope for all around me (here in my blogospehere world and in my everyday life) to experience a wonderful happy healthy New Year, and to look forward to making each day one to be thankful for. I won't worry about accomplishing a certain number of posts a week, or getting my two year old potty trained by a certain date, or a gorgeous garden growing in my dog and kid infested back yard,or losing a planned amount of weight (who..me? need to lose weight? nah..just saying IF I needed to...but I don't, so...moving on...) or even about cleaning my house more this year. I am going to be more thankful, more accepting and more well...just happy... this year for what I do have, and go from there. I will have those generalish ideas in my head of things I would love to accomplish this year, but I am going to keep those ideas visualized in my thoughts, while I accept, or try to, what each day brings.

Whew. Sorry about the long post. But you know what? It was sort of cathartic. So there's my goals. And I even got them on paper! Sort of. Now, I am off to rescue that poor unsuspecting Christmas ornament.

Wishing everyone a Blessed and Very Happy New Year.

Just a Quickie!

Now all of you that went there, hehe, sorry to mislead you. Really. My bad. I meant a quickie post!

I have not been around much the past week, and I feel like my blog is going to quickly become ghost-townish if I don't kick my derierre into gear here soon. Darn, was that a tumbleweed rolling by??

It is tough to get back into the swing of things I must say. But I am working on it. So please don't mind the cobwebs here and there--they will be swept away asap! In their place will be some new fun giveaways and reviews ready to start off the New Year!

And...I got a spiffy new camera for Christmas so look for pictures (that have so far been a bit, ahem, lacking) here on Happy Healthy Families.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Remembering The Old But Looking Forward Too

Today I was out doing some solo Christmas shopping and I found myself looking back on Christmas's past. I told myself to stay focused and not get sentimental and teary-eyed, but it didn't work. Nope. I sighed at the cute girl's toys that my daughter is no longer interested in, and remembered one Christmas when she was just two and literally screamed when she saw a new baby doll and stroller under the Christmas tree. Now, it's all about Jonas Brothers, Twilight and skinny jeans (which I could not find, btw, ack)

Even my little guys are growing up so fast it seems. No little cute baby toys for us this year either. Now it's what one wants, so does the other. Two of everything tools, cars and dinosaurs, Santa, please!

Anyway...I need to focus on the New Year...and to making some new goals and memories. I have some ideas floating around my head of goals, just need to have a few moments to visualize and organize those thoughts. Of course I am going to be blog goaling...hehe)

So I will be as many of you will be over the next few days...shopping, wrapping, cooking, visiting, and hopefully enjoying these last few days before Christmas. Posting will be backburned somewhat (eh...it already has been), while I may be quickly popping in over the next few days (or not!?) I plan to be back in full blogging mode after the holidays.

Hope this Christmas week brings lots of new memories for everyone to hold and cherish.


Michelle Duggar Delivers Baby Girl!

So the Duggar family now has 18 children, 10 boys and 8 girls. Michelle Duggar delivered a baby girl by cesarean section on Thursday. And it sounds like the Duggars may not be done just yet. Michelle Duggar's husband, Jim Bob Duggar, said he and his wife "would love to have more."

I cannot imagine having 18 children. I cannot imagine being pregnant 18 times. I know there are conflicting opinions among people with many thinking it's wrong to have so many babies, while others believe it is fine as long as they are taken care of. I guess that is the problem I have. Do all these kids really get the attention and time they should from their parents? I am sure they get enough to eat, have enough clothes, always have someone to play with and talk to, but what about one on one time with mom and dad?

The Duggars seem to have it all together, and I am not in their shoes and should not judge (but we all have our "thoughts and opinions" I'm sure!). I think about growing up with my siblings--there are six of us in all- and I really did love having all my brothers and my sister. But would I have loved having 17 siblings? I don't know.

Anyway, just my rambling thoughts this morning. I really do wish the Duggar family all the best. They certainly sound very happy and feel very blessed. As proud dad Jim Bob Duggar told reporters,their new baby daughter, named Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar, is "The ultimate Christmas gift from God."

Welcome little Jordyn (I love that name!) and Merry Christmas Duggar Family!

Very Last Minute Home Made Gift Ideas For Christmas

It is amazing to me that we are so close to Christmas. Is December the fastest month of the year or what? Like blinking my eyes....we are putting up our Christmas tree and taking it back down again. Sigh.

So for these last few days before Santa officially arrives on scene, I gathered some last minute home made gift ideas and crafts for those of us needing some last minute ideas!

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations/Gifts
These make awesome last minute homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, babysitters, and teachers!

All that is needed:
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

1. Mix salt and flour. (Adding in some cinnamon will make great ginger bread men and bears!) Also, add some food coloring to make colorful dough!
2. Add in half the water, then gradually add the remaining water.
3. Knead until the dough is smooth, this can take up to 10 minutes.
4. For flat dough ornaments roll out the dough on baking paper
5. Use cookie cutters to make stars, angels, Christmas tree shapes, etc. Poke a hole with straw or a toothpick for hanging your decorations later!
6. braid three strands of dough to make wreaths (use water as a "glue" when braiding and forming dough)

Bake in oven @325 dergrees for about 1 1/2 hours. Time may vary depending on how thick the dough is, your oven, etc, so just keep an eye on them.

Then decorate away! Use paints, beads, markers, crayons, whatever your creative minds come up with!

Make Some Easy and Cheap Christmas Treats

Melt some chocolate and make some yummy inexpensive Holiday gifts from your kitchen!

Dip pretzels, dried apricots, marshmallows, strawberries and assorted cookies for delicious treats you can give in baskets or Christmas tins. Dip spoons to make a "chocolate spoon" for stirring coffee and hot chocolate with. (see below for a recipe for a cute Chocolate spoon recipe and gift idea!)

Chocolate Dipped Spoons in a Mug Gift Idea

Melt chocolate. For variety, melt some white chocolate as well. You can use metal spoons or plastic spoons for this recipe. Just dip the spoon in the chocolate, making sure to caot evenly. Let dry, then dip in the chocolate again for a thicker coating. You can coat with sprinkles, m&m pieces, crushed candy for an extra touch. Then let dry. Wrap each spoon in cellophane and tie with a red or green ribbon.
To make a cute gift, do a collection of plastic spoons with a variety of white, dark chocolate coatings, and add liqueur or extract like kahlua, mint, or coffee to the chocolate. Place all spoons, individually wrapped in cellophane, in a new mug.

Have Dinner Out Courtesy of The Lazy Housewife!

I absolutely love that name..."The Lazy Housewife", makes me grin every time I see it. Anyhoo-- here is a perfect giveaway for all tired, stressed, holiday burned out moms and dads -- a $25 Gift Card that can be used at Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, or Seasons Fresh Grill!

How did The Lazy Housewife know that a dinner out is just what this mom would love to win? I am passing on the contest info here because it is the holidays and all, and I want to be nice and all, but....I want that gift card. Badly. So if you read this and happen to win, and happen to not want to go out to dinner, please think of me. Just saying.

My whining is done. Now you may feel free to head on over to visit The Lazy Housewife at So Not Domestic.com, and if you must, enter the giveaway. The deadline is drawing near...my name (I mean the winner's name) will be drawn on December 22nd. So hurry on over and enter. Or not.

Savor These Days of Christmas

I came across this idea of The Christmas Jar today from Mom Advice.com and loved the idea instantly. The Christmas Jar can be started anytime in December, but there is no time like the present...so why not get one going today?

All you need to do is get a jar and decorate it any way you choose. Write down a family inspired Christmas activity for each day/night remaining until Christmas on pieces of paper. Put each folded paper in the jar, and have someone pick one each day.

Simple, but sometimes it is those simplest of ideas that we busy moms and dads can use the most. I know for myself that something as simple as a jar full of slips of paper sitting on my kitchen counter might be just what I need to remind myself to slow down and appreciate these magical days that are flying by as I type.

So I am getting out a mayonnaise jar and cleaning it and getting it ready for the now only 9 pieces of paper I will be putting in. But these next nine days will be special, and each activity will be a countdown to Santa's Big Day as well.

Need some ideas for activities? Mom Advice shared these great ones with readers:

  • Drink a mug of hot cocoa under your Christmas tree.
  • Read the true story of Christmas.
  • Open one gift early.
  • Bake cookies and take a plate to the firefighters. See if you can get a tour of the fire station and the engines!
  • Make a snowman or a snow angel
  • Pop popcorn and play a board game together, while listening to holiday music.
  • Give the kids a bath while Christmas carols blare into the bathroom. See who can sing the loudest.
  • Get or make stocking stuffers for Dad.
  • Write a note to each member in the family to tell them how special they are and what you love about them. Leave them in their stockings. (I am so doing this one!)
  • Draw a holiday picture and send it to a relative (of the child’s choice).
  • Take a tour of lights in another neighborhood. Pop popcorn to take with you and blast Christmas carols in the car.
  • Make an ornament together for the tree. Try to use a picture of your child and have them choose the decorating. Write the year on the back and try to add one of these each year.
  • Put together a box of items to donate and take your child with you to donate them. Ask them if they would like to contribute something that they have outgrown.
  • Start a holiday memory book. Quote your child and ask them what their favorite thing they had done (so far) was for the holidays. Record what they asked for from Santa. Take a picture of them for that year with their Santa gift.

But most of all, enjoy this last full week before Christmas, and make some special memories with your families. Those sweet little faces we all love to blog about will not be so little come Christmas time next year.


I was asked (well, more like my kids were recruited) to review a new site for kids and parents to enjoy together. Jitterbug is the brainstorm of two dads with two toddler daughters, Randall Green and Dan Gellert. Gotta love creative caring dads like that!
Jitterbug is the first dedicated online kids music video website. And I have to say I loved it! My two little guys and I got comfy on my bed and went to work checking out Jitterbug. My 4 year old and I were rocking out in no time, as we hit song after song. It was especially cute to have videos to watch with the songs.
We were on the Jitterbug site for at least 20 minutes or so, and barely made a dent in the song selections. There are a lot. Everything from Dog on Fleas
to The Jimmies. There are categories such as " Animal Fun" and "TV Favorites". But you can also select from the list of artists with the likes of Jetta and The Jellybeans, Laurie Berkner, and The Sippy Cups-- one of my all-time favorites!
What is so awesome about Jitterbug is that all these great songs and videos for kids are on one site--no searching around the net for songs for the kiddos. I had to laugh (to myself) when I read the part of the site description -- "We hand pick the good stuff...
You won't find Barney here." Aw...why does that big purple dinosaur get such a bad rap anyway? Heck-- my two year old kind of likes Barney.
Seriously though, jitterbug is fun and if my kids can sit and be entertained for even 20 minutes that's enough to make this mommy happy. I have this site bookmarked and as soon as my kids get antsy today--we're taking a music break and are going to dance some of those ants away!

And The Winner is.......

The proud new owner of her choice of Boogs Baby Booteek Baby Legs Leg Warmers is.....


Thanks to all who enetered!

blueviolet...I'll be sending you an email shortly..Congratulations!

Time For Not Me! Monday

Well, I had a pretty good week last week, being that I am so perfect and all (stop that laughing!),and as examples of my perfectedness as a mother (I can spell that word any way I want to...I am perfect, remember?) I guess I can share with you all a few things I did not do (Honest)this past week.

I absolutely positively did not order pizza instead of making a nice wholesome meal for my kids (not more than once anyway..don't believe the pizza guy, he's just hoping for extra tips)

And nope, that was not me driving around the blocks (a few times--who could that have been?) luxuriously taking in the Christmas lights all alone while hubby and the kids were at home waiting for me to get back from the store. Nope, wasn't me!

Certainly I did not let my two youngest munchkins stay up late simply because I was involved with my computer and could not bear to break away to put pj's on and read stories. Nah.

I did not, and will certainly deny, putting my daughter's jeans in the dryer (without being washed first???-- what mother would do that???) and pretending that I (But not really me...I'm just saying...), had washed those jeans as had been requested the night before. The shame.

My dogs ate, walked, and were hugged and petted on schedule as always. I did not forget any of the afore mentioned pet duties last week. Certainly not. The very idea!

The last (couple??)of piecesof chocolate cake that mysteriously disappeared late one night? I did not have anything to do with nor will I divulge the identity of the silly person who thought she (I mean HE) could get away with it. She ( I mean HE) needs to look in the mirror to see where that cake landed. I'm just saying.

Anyway, as you can see, I am sure I did not do anything last week that would make me any less of the perfect wife, mother, woman that I say I am. So there.

If you would like to join in on the Not Me! fun, head over to My Charming Kids and see what all the cool kids are NOT doing!

So I'm Doing The Chicken Dance!

OK--so maybe that's not how I look dancing, and yea, that is probably not even the Chicken Dance, but care to join me anyway and maybe win a great prize? Before you can get down and boogie, go check out Three Peas In a Pod -- Tiffanie is sponsoring a wonderful giveaway from A Little 2 Sassy. You get to visit two super sites--Tiffanie will have you laughing (and dancing!!), and Kristina will have you oohing and drooling at all her cute jewelry!
But before you can enter to win you gotta do a few things, like the Chicken Dance. Well, Tiffanie says you don't really have to dance. But I am anyway. Now, who is going to join me???

Christmas Ideas For The Weekend

It is the first weekend in December, Yay! But I bet I know what everyone will be doing, and no, I am not going to say blogging, heh! Raise your hand if you will be doing one of the following:

Decorating the house with mistletoe and cute snowman

Untangling strands upon strands of Christmas lights (please, if you are the organized type of person who has properly stored all Christmas decorations and lights, and just needs to lift them out of their boxes and they are all ready to go, keep this to yourself. This blog will not tolerate bragging. Period. Not--go ahead, brag away, LOL)


Baking yummy Christmas cookies, cakes, and assorted holiday treats (can you drop some by my house...please??)


Writing and Adressing Christmas cards, in between untangling, baking and decorating.


Buying a Christmas Tree

Chasing your cat away from the Christmas Tree

Chasing your (insert age here that applies)_______ year old away from the Christmas Tree

Drinking eggnog and relishing the holiday season while watching your favorite Christmas movies

Drinking wine or _______ (insert drink of choice here) and wondering how you will make it through to New Year's while ignoring the cat climbing the Christmas tree, your toddler making confetti out of your holiday cards, the tangled lights adorning your floor, and the forlorn wallet now depleted of it's earlier contents (you know--that green stuff you worked so hard for all year that barely lasted an hour at the mall?)

OK--put your hands down, hehe. See--told ya I knew what you'd be doing!

But in case you do not see anything on the list hat applies to you, and you are indeed looking for some holiday inspired activities for this, the first weekend in December, I have collected a couple of ideas you can check out right here. Merry Merry everyone!!

Make a Christmas Wall Decoration Inspired By Santa!

Scrabble a Simple Christmas Decoration

Check out the recipe for Maple Cheesecake...your whole house will smell delicious! Bake an extra for a neighbor!

Create a Christmas Cookie and Send It To a Friend! (this is fun)

Make Some Homemade Christmas Presents With The Kids

Create a Family Recipe Book for an Inexpensive Holiday Gift

Gather the Family and Make Gingerbread Friends Garlands (don't forget to make some extras to eat too!)

Bake a Batch Of Holiday Spice Cookies and Create a Cute Holiday Gift as Well!

Use Buttons to Make a Festive Holiday Wreath!

boogs baby booteek Giveaway!

I am in love with this Onesie! I kid you not--when I first saw this (I mean, come on--look at the matching knit beanie...OMG!) Photobucket my ovaries hurt. Truly. I would not kid. This rarely happens anymore, but every once in a while something so darn cute will catch my attention, and well, you know--that brief second (or two or three) will hit where I am thinking.."oh, how cute....maybe...wouldn't it..." but then my two year punches my 4 year old and I am over it.
But look at that onesie. Is it not tugging at your innards?? LOL. Well this adorable baby item is just one of many at the fantastic boogs baby booteek, which just officially launched on December 1st. I love mom-owned businesses ( surprised? nah, didn't think you would be, hehe) and guess what? A mom of FIVE, Kerri McCleary, is the proud owner of this adorable online store. And she also has a two year old like me-- whom she lovingly mentions could be a sort of "bully" (her words, not mine!) -- not that I would know anything about having a two year old bully. Just saying.

Anyhoo, I spent a good part of my morning checking out the cute stuff at boogs--- and telling my ovaries to shush up! There are leg warmers by Baby Legs that maybe I can get my two year old to wear since he is adamant these days about wearing minimal clothing or better still-- going au naturale! Why do little ones like to do that so much? And get to still look cute and adorable??

I digress. I also love all the girly outfits (again that tug...) but since my "Little Princess" is now 11 going on 17, sweet pink outfits will do us no good. Sigh. But since Keri features the latest fashions by designers such as Sourpuss Clothing, BabyLegs, shrnk, Mini Shatsu, City Threads and Neptune Zoo, I promise you girl or boy you are going to love the clothes you see.

So...guess what is coming? Time's up. A Giveaway of course! An adorable pair of those Baby Legs leg warmers Photobucket--- winner gets to pick which pair of course! And there is a very cute selection of several different styles for boys and girls.Photobucket The giveaway is for one pair, not a gift set , please take note.

To enter-- go to boogs baby booteek and immerse yourself in all the wonderful kid and baby (and mommy!) stuff you'll find. Hold on to your ovaries tightly, unless you are in the baby making mode, hehe, and then come on back here to Happy Healthy Families and share what item you loved the most! Also tell me which pair of Baby Legs you like too!

If you'd like a second entry-- post about this giveaway on your blog, and let me know about it with another comment!

And for a third entry, subscribe to HHF!

That's it! Winner will be randomly chosen December 12th. So get your enties in by December 11th, midnight.

Holiday Gift Idea

Here is a fun idea for a Christmas present (if you are sweating already thinking of gifts for that person that has everything!!) Photofiddle.com will let you instantly transform your uploaded digital photo into various styles of art. It is very cool because you can have an ordinary looking picture look like a professional took it. There are many sizes available as well as styles. You can get a canvas or art print and you can have your new photo framed or unframed. Just visit the website and check out Photofiddle Before & After Sample section--you will be impressed. Plus, orders are usually received within a week! Perfect timing for holiday giving.
From their company:
Press Release:


-- Just a Few Minutes of Fun to Create, and Less than a Week to Receive From Photofiddle.com --

LINDENHURST, NY, Dec. 3, 2008 – Holiday shoppers looking for low cost, original and thoughtful last minute gift can turn their best photos of precious moments, people and places into one-of-a- kind photo artwork at www.photofiddle.com.

Photofiddle offers numerous styles for both contemporary and conservative tastes. Simply upload and recreate a typical 3" x 5” snapshot into a compelling canvas piece or framed on archival photo paper in virtually any size. With over 70 instant designs from pop art to impressionist to choose from online, any photo design can be instantly shared with friends and family members in digital form, prior to ordering. And, because fiddling with several dozen designs and styles is lots of fun, gift certificates are available online, so recipients can fiddle their own photos for themselves.

With prices starting as low as $14.95 there is Photofiddle artwork available for any budget. Order by Dec. 18 in time for receipt before December 25.

PhotoFiddle, headquartered in Melville, New York, which PC Magazine gave 4 stars, on the Oprah O list, offers 4 day turnaround on customized photo-artwork that users design online, at far less cost than custom framers or home design professionals. For more information visit: www.PhotoFiddle.com.
See the Photofiddle.com before & after photo art gallery.
Contact: Eric Gold

GoPicnic Meals

We had a fun delivery the other night -- a package arrived full of GoPicnic Meals samples. To say my kids were delighted and more than willing to be taste testers is an understatement. You would think they had not eaten all day the way they anxiously wanted to tear into those samples, LOL. But trust me, I do feed my kids--several times a day even!

The GoPicnic Meals come in cute colorful individual boxes. Each box contains a complete ready to eat meal. How cool so far. What mom does not get intrigued by a meal that is healthy, nutritional and requires no cooking, heating or cleaning up after? My kids immediately perused all the boxes that we got, with my daughter officiating as the announcer (my other two don't read yet--well my 4 year old is trying but my two year old could care less about reading just yet)and she read out loud the items that each meal box contained.

Mom here checked out ingredients (boring stuff to kiddos, but way up there on my list!) before actual eating ensued. I was very happy to read that GoPicnic Meals only use food that has NO trans fat, NO high fructose corn syrup, and NO MSG. All the kids meals are 100% peanut free and have NO tree nut ingredients. I was so impressed and happy about that. While my kids do not have peanut allergies, I know there are kids at my daughter's school that do - in fact one such student is in my daughter's class and the whole class is very careful of what they eat and bring into school- so knowing my daughter could safely take one of these meals to school with her made me breathe a sigh of relief.

Then the real fun began. We had containers of organic applesauce, veggie cheese dip, pretzel crisps,organic tortilla chips and honey graham crackers being munched and shared by all three kids. There were yummy organic cookies ( I snagged one of those...hmmmm!), and all natural trail mix (the hubbs commandeered those ASAP). The jumbo raisins were a big hit with my 4 year old and my 11 year old, (though I do have to say that raisins and my two year old were a combination I chose not to allow--he didn't mind as he happily munched on organic crackers with all natural jam!) as were the white cheddar puffed corn snacks.

By the end of our rather impromptu taste testing, bellies were getting full and smiles were emerging as chewing slowed down. I asked each of my kids what there favorites were, and resoundingly the cheese puffs ranked as number one, followed by the applesauce, then the cookies (my personal favorite), and pretzels.

Hubby voted for the trail mix and creamy veggie cheese dip. The only item that did not get rave reviews from my kids was the sunflower seed spread.

The added touch of having moist towelettes and utensils in each meal box made eating and wiping up kids faces easy. Even cleaning my toddler's jam smeared face was handled well by the moist wipes. And I would be amiss to not give special mention to the "surprise item" in the meal boxes. My 4 year old was beaming when he found rub on tattoos inside the boxes!

GoPicnic is a woman owned company located in Chicago, Il. There are over 25 different meal choices that work for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I am impressed with the company's dedication to keeping these meals as high quality as possible, using natural and organic foods with dietary options including vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free and Halal. Even the boxes the meals are packed in are made from 100% recycled material with a minimum of 35% post-consumer waste.

And I am pleased to say that GoPicnic has put together a special discount for readers of Happy Healthy Families -- just use coupon code GPTHANKS and get a 25% discount on your first order at GoPicnic.com

I am so happy my family was able to do review GoPicnic Meals. We had a blast, ate some healthy fun snacks, and shared lots of laughter. Thanks GoPicnic!

Bloggy Giveaways-- Ohana Mama

It's officially December!! No more hiding behind pumpkins and turkeys, Christmas is upon us. Thank Goodness for bloggy giveaways-- they are fun, a great way to help relieve holiday stress, and maybe a way to win a prize that can make a super dooper Christmas gift for someone on your holiday shopping list (or a special Holiday treat for yourself!!).

So today I wanted to pass on the exciting news that Ohana Mama is hosting an Hawaiian Holiday Party from today through December 7th. There will be a new giveaway each day.

Today's giveaway is a very nice one-- a $35.00 gift certificate from Cherry Creek Designs. If you haven't checked out the gorgeous jewelry from Cherry Creek-you should!!

Head on over to Ohana Mama and enter the giveaway- but just to let you know, I have dibs on the gift certificate, hehe.